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Cloud Tianhe 3195872010-04-13 13:12:05 +0000 #1
Please tell us about Cleveland-born coach, who in the end what is material. What he does not seem to fame coach, but rely on the brilliance of James have anything to eat!!!
Fei Tin Yang2010-04-13 13:19:38 +0000 #2
Mike Brown

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【Date of Birth: 1970-3-5

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio (Columbia, Ohio)

Occupation: Coach

helm Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Nationality: United States

Honor: NBA2008-2009 Eastern All-Star season, leading the Cavaliers position coach

Eastern League teams winning percentage ranks first

Who is Mike Brown? You ask ten Americans could give 10 different answers. Like in the arts, said Mike Brown is the master of landscape photography in the world, Irish; like politics say that Mike Brown is the Director of the U.S. emergency measures, because the New Orleans flood was fired; like science said, Mike Brown is a famous American astronomer; like sports people, said Mike Brown is a Canadian swimming champion, or the United States well-known fitness expert ... ...

100 men inside the United States, there may be 20 called "Mike", 100 men inside, there may be 15 named "Brown", so both "Mike" and "to Brown," who are at least tens of thousands. Few can afford to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers, he no background, no performance, more is not a dynasty team knight. Prior to the Finals in Cleveland, you can Brown as "little emperors" James hands of any one, "Minister Cleveland Cavaliers coach," but straight four outsmart Pistons, Brown spot strain showing the skill of the finals is followed by the "partner will be," Popovich can not underestimate this did not name the head Mike Brown.

East battle six, Knight lost the first two Councils, Brown quickly control the situation, James and Gibson played Superman behind the overall situation to the details of his wisdom from. On the overall look, Brown's weakness against the Pistons, fully furnished reasonable defense tactics; on the details, he did the "Little Dot" Gibson's use of both canny and bold, measured only among the least bit.

Pistons greatest weakness, is not really inside the center. Webber and Antonio McDyess are not enough height, although the 2 m 11 Rasheed Wallace, but he as big a superb inside and outside the lines, in Sanders's lineup in the basket is limited to singles. Brown believed that this is fatal to the piston, so extensive use of "Big Z" and Varejao's two-center tactics, all less than six rebounds just once war opponent, sixth defeat out of the piston 20 rebounds. This two hit rate is not high, but the rebound to ensure at least the young Cavaliers and Pistons each can "fight in" winning by James look for an opportunity.

But Hughes left foot injury in the third battle, to brown to be a big problem, are dependent on the play even more emphasis on James a star. Hughes, on the fourth and not the war between the Big Brown put "smoke screen." Hughes played in the final starter, "Little Dot" Gibson Main, at the last minute by the veteran defensive Snow hold the line, the impact of attack by the Gibson and three three roles, Brown used them just right, perfect solution to controlling health problem. Starting to Hughes, can alleviate the psychological pressure rookie Gibson, Hughes proved the first fight in the fifth and sixth sections are hit three-pointers, did not make this point start to be affected. Bold use of Gibson, the Pistons defense is not to fit in the last three games to 63 points he scored. But Gibson is after all "rookie" in the fourth war last time he had just committed the first error, Brown is replaced with Snow, that the final 1 minute 05 seconds shows Brown's determination, who would dare to make a war not for two consecutive who at that time played into battle? Snow Although only a sub-three battle, but in the defense and control of rhythmic aspects assured.

Now everyone in the "little emperors" applause, but the real king of Regent is Mike Brown. Both hands when he was three years in Popovich assistant, also served as assistant around Carlisle, director of defense has been the public house. This homely black-faced Chinese, will continue to surprise.

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regular season coaching record in the playoffs

season winning percentage of teams, matches played, matches played, winning percentage

2005-06 Cavaliers 50 32.610 7 6.538

2006-07 Knight 5032. 610 128 .600

2007-08 Cavaliers 45 37.549 7 6.538

2008-09 Cavaliers 66 46.805 10 4.714

2009-10 Knight 17

7.708 0 0.000 228 124 career. 6483624 .600

He has a title, is "the most relaxed coach alliance" because lbj be alone most of the work
ybbj20112010-04-13 13:36:20 +0000 #3



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