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I am a middle school students! Basketball demand problem!

Xiao Hong 06 Session 2 Class2010-04-14 08:11:36 +0000 #1
Height and weight of only 36kg 159 space shot very accurately, and will not break layup, will not protect the ball, find the skilled are pointing!
Organisation Xiangxi lock2010-04-14 08:24:25 +0000 #2
first give you some advice on shooting, shooting first hand

and then type the correct practice wrist Imagine if the wrist is not up to standard, how it may be asked to shoot,

and then combined with a high degree of height adjustment

wrist shot down pressure is to beat the ball up higher, the lower arc

forward call forward force when they shot together to form a parabola

elbow The higher the demands on the higher shelf wrist shot of course, also the high point is not easy to cap

then contact the general sense of rhythm and a jumper to coordinate natural

beginners feel will be suited to find,

personally think that playing shooting the most important and can turn the situation

defense can be strict when people Meipi Qi

So you pull back on the train well in shooting trip jumper jumper jumper must turn practice ball practice

sense and sense of observation is each location are needed

and then I also like the style of a breakthrough type of

the feeling of belonging to the United States back

not high 177CM PG

There are many ways a breakthrough dumped and playing board and then start basic training

The bottom line from a different angle layup positive

45 degree angle and then the others such as defense, if the body is relatively close to the more compact the hard

To learn to use the arm swing and shoulder the impact of natural

General breakthrough shoulder is against the right-sided clockwise rotation to open the other side

Rolling shot and there is a fast or slow

practice under the circumstances of different point and playing board layup

exercises are quick shot and dumped high shot of the area

here's not clear that

forgive me
two fat ant2010-04-14 08:42:48 +0000 #3
know the NBA professional players in how to increase physical fitness is not,,, ate five eggs a day. . . Improve your physical condition first look at it. . .
Big Mango Le2010-04-14 08:34:06 +0000 #4
you the physical and technical. You've got to learn it. Do not try things in basketball.
Leonaduo12010-04-14 08:59:26 +0000 #5
Never mind the main task now is to practice your ball control of the ball first and learn well if your prospective open shots the ball should not feel bad for the individual actually play basketball dribbling and shooting are the most important of course, have to learn to dribble layup Well, of course, those lanes will naturally wish you success



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