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马库斯兰德里 Details

qrkil2010-04-14 09:10:31 +0000 #1
马库斯兰德里 Details
Little Merkava2010-04-14 09:13:18 +0000 #2
English name: Marcus Landry

birthday :1985-11-01

Height: 2.01 meters / 6 foot 7 Weight: 104 kg / 230 lbs

Position: Small forward

No: 11

Team: New York Knicks

School: Wisconsin

Draft: Draft

Contract 2009 is not: a late pay, 2009/9/25 signed, Summer 2010

09-10 season due wages 460,000 U.S. dollars

Description: 马库斯兰德里 for the Rockets Carl Landry's brother. Accidents in this year's draft in defeat, 马库斯兰德里 did not choose to give up, he is still training hard, eager to one day Sharu NBA the alliance. "I have been trying to train, I hope one day to enter the alliance," Marcus said, "I am brother has a successful player, I know he paid a little effort." And then talk about their brother, Marcus esteem but also showing a trace of regret, he said, "I hope one day, like Karl, he had a good job in Houston, of course, if given the opportunity, I hope that brothers can be together Competition. "



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