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How to practice wrist

Szhnasxkdz2010-04-14 13:10:08 +0000 #1
I am a primary school, imagine shooting as NBA players, but the wrist is too small, how to improve the wrist?

I am lifting dumbbells, lifting heavy for several weeks, wrist or no growth ah. .
▓ nothing was Jue love Ai ℡2010-04-14 13:20:59 +0000 #2
Hello -

I'll tell you ha ---

The following is a detailed explanation

easy to difficult wrist exercises are divided into:

1, lifting heavy things. Who are able to do more things to mention sports, they seem like on the wrist does not matter, it is not true, and raise their grip is the wrist for the future development of a strong foundation.

2, that leaning rest. Ten fingers with the way the ground to do push-ups. This is the exercise grip strength and wrist in the first step. In this part of the effect of upholding the longer the better.

3, the horizontal bar hanging. The greater the longer grip.

4, the volume "jin wrist." Is the way to the first floor of a friend said. This approach to the grip strength is greatly improved and can enhance endurance and holding hands, but the training up a lot of effort. End each exercise must be sustained and the need to complete on the forearm after a relaxing exercise. Rope can be tied to the weight increase, to improve strength. The hanging weight is 5 kg, the rope length 1.2 m, volume 2 can breath back and forth, then the right hand grip strength can crush an ordinary cup.

5, held hands grip the side body. That use both hands to the thick stick in a vertical, raised the body to and parallel to the ground. That might sound weird, is not difficult, can one go about doing that horizontal support 100, when there is the ability to do both hands grip the side of the body move, the greater the longer the exercise intensity, this method is the exercise wrist explosive force.

Whether any of the above methods, according to its own conditions and environmental constraints, select one contact for some time, can enhance the wrist, but If you want to have achieved, must be sustained from easy to difficult, for three years a small achievements, nine one Dacheng .

Keep up the good landlord -
7567612532010-04-14 13:29:11 +0000 #3
1st Floor, contempt, and others say the students you refuse, you do not worry, nothing is able to train well in a few days, and continue to adhere to the unconsciously understand will find your wrist have improved.



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