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BOS London2010-04-14 14:11:07 +0000 #1
My height is 145 kg bounce shoes, good weight of 180 to 1 when I break from the outside when the air defense, but not as strong inside the body tend to have big one or a good person to seize the opportunity to bounce me a run or I escape But I am not shooting layups have the power to slow is slow, but three steps are Tiaode Gao large regular run up solutions can not hit foul to him is obvious, but may block or thugs to a skills

2 I the basket because the body can also be strong to fight, but often a large one or a good bounce in the run up solutions

Jiqiu my good high school students to send email + minutes 352202022@QQ.COM

best not to copy to their own Thank you experiences in the
7414015832010-04-14 14:16:16 +0000 #2
body strong, you can practice your shots, certainly should train, Hou game suddenly inwards, but do not have conflict, to the free throw line when the pause, then you can suddenly can also be cast
liuchunlong212010-04-14 14:46:55 +0000 #3
my head and not your high, but not very often covered, and now talk about the experience. First of all make shooting (layup) and very soft touch training, also can be used in the basket layup hook, the hook can be thought they played board, the video available online Zhao Zhao, can effectively reduce the are run. Then there must be quick shots, or even learn to see a small video Parker dumped, in short we act fast, cover the ball in the opponents have shot him before the ball out of the reach of the. There is the leaf can practice in the long-range shooting, do not always look inside a breakthrough after more attacks means more conducive to pull your room, the last and most important point is that you want to build should not be afraid to be covered, sounds contradictions, but experience is gradually accumulated. We are all familiar with the Rockets Scola physical rather general, but the basket is very solid effort, and he participated in so many domestic and international competition experience are inseparable. These are the personal point my humble opinion, I wish you the ball play better
Shenyang Wang Xuefeng2010-04-14 14:59:47 +0000 #4
1 slow three-step feint Well you can not make a routine point down a few passes Huang Chuan sometimes what you sometimes vote against such person on the touch no law can be that if fouls ah but to pretend like this is need of some Oh acting is right - to 2 strong play thing in Shanghai, Yao learn dance video to see a lot of little man can beat the big man see more competition will gain experience in competition are not just to watch the sometimes have to learn skills
liufeilon72010-04-14 14:48:20 +0000 #5
you say it, "to hit him," how could people blowing fouls. . .

By others foul of such a thing, there is no referee in the case, it is impossible to achieve your desired results. 1, this is not the NBA. 2, you are not star players

to be posted back to live with each other to open a stretch awkward leaning, if you really have power, this is the side dishes, and then hook

It seems today's children have good nutrition, 1.8 m seems has not considered high. . .

Crowded backward hook shot to open more than you can jump over people flying cover 30CM,

but I suggest that you do not back, and should be appropriate before the pressure jump
temper is not bad oh2010-04-14 16:16:04 +0000 #6
you and me, but almost thinner than you I mainly rely on pull-Oh. . Mainly depends on how you practice, you have the body but the mind must not look inside to see the opportunity to play when the big one if people are focused on anti-consider you the ball you can let your teammates came to pass came in neutral gear so you have to use footsteps of the so-called dream five steps can confuse people try



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