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Yao baby nationality issue

cloud Tianhe 3195872010-04-14 14:11:30 +0000 #1
Yao Ming and Ye Li at a press heard must be prepared to be produced in the United States, his baby will naturally become Americans, see the online condemning non-stop, said Yao treason!!!! You think it???
I am willing to release dragons dead2010-04-14 14:27:45 +0000 #2
people have the right to choose ah -
iceqqkiller2010-04-14 14:22:42 +0000 #3
I think the baby should be a Chinese Yao nationality, because too many people take Yao Ming hopes, and Yao Ming are wise, he should be made with China as the heavy judgments. If you can not be achieved, even if little Yao is an American, we have no right to interfere, after all, this is Yao's children, anyway, we all should respect the choice of Yao Ming, Chinese basketball because he has made unparalleled contributions to . Add that the students in the United States can also choose the Chinese Nationality (as Yao nationality in China), while in China students can not choose U.S. citizenship
syt6552010-04-14 14:42:55 +0000 #4
We should respect the choice of basketball hero Yao Ming. However, the baby is still hope Yao nationality.
William40772010-04-14 15:27:55 +0000 #5
Yao Ming is the daughter of American-born U.S. citizen. But many generations ZF officials are to get an American green card. Why take only Yao surgery ---
Garuru Colonel2010-04-14 16:28:36 +0000 #6
no way, and if he was born in China, then on the line, but no way to America to live, do not do a green card if brought there, it is considered illegal immigrants. . . In short, we have no right to interfere.
Shenzhou VII is also crazy2010-04-14 16:22:35 +0000 #7
today's news is Che Dan, but according to itinerary Yao said point to speculate. Yao Ming did not need such a sensitive issue in the injured hearts of Chinese fans.
Adults 1202010-04-14 15:00:41 +0000 #8
children even treason in a foreign country? That it not for foreign donations Litongwaiguo!



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