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Basketball VS Football

Livepo102010-04-14 16:10:37 +0000 #1
I went to Singapore last year. I was wearing a Lakers jersey to go. Students see a rocket jersey. We chatted together, we talked and talked said the Beijing Olympic Games, he said: the Athens Olympics, 60 million passengers in 2006 was 300 million in football World Cup to see that you have 165 million in the Beijing Olympics to see ah. I have a wow loudly: Why the Olympics, many projects do not compare a single football? He said: Beijing Olympic Games held in Asia and the West time difference, if not the Chinese and overseas Chinese, we certainly do not support the 16.5 billion passenger trips. I am a little skeptical? ? Would like to ask you what he said was true? Basketball World Championship and the football World Cup there in the world whose influential. /,//。 ; People mean is: NBA Finals, 7 games, you see the field is 7 times 7. Do not say anything in the world only 60 million people like that.
myskyang2010-04-14 16:13:24 +0000 #2
true - most obviously for tickets sold to the Chinese influence --- As Well - I like football better than other sports - my friend is probably a long history of more than basketball, so More popular bar
my shot like Beckham2010-04-14 16:27:10 +0000 #3
I'm a football fan I have to answer your question 06 World Cup have 30 billion people watched the World Cup I do not know, but the influence of large than the World Cup and Olympic Basketball Championship , F1, and as the three major world sports events
Tang Seng shampoo2010-04-14 16:20:02 +0000 #4
is definitely a World Cup ...

On the influence of football than basketball, then great, but do not have a different area. Such as the United States and Brazil will certainly not be compared.

In China, basketball and football should be all about it, many people like basketball. People do not like football vague ah - though people talk about Chinese football on the helpless, but by love and hatred, we still quite like it. Football has his charm, basketball has his charm. Each have their own charm. Ha ha
jx2869093632010-04-14 17:26:06 +0000 #5
really. World Cup even more influence.

Perhaps the reason is because the higher terms of football it, there are so many people watch Premier League charges, while the basketball and football than the ratings is relatively bleak. Basketball community has, but less than soccer, but soccer is considered 11 individual tactical problems, like wars. Football is so bad, so dark, and the voice of football or basketball match.
Binary Terminator2010-04-14 17:15:07 +0000 #6
Football's influence can not be entirely basketball than in other words. lz you bought a Lakers jersey, I want to ask your Los Angeles Lakers star who you know for sure, the problem is that I ask you who the Spanish basketball league in scoring lz you know? The problem in this, like to watch basketball or friends actually like to see more lore to see dunk, in fact, many do not like basketball itself. Are directed at that very offensive NBA basketball spectator only read. Imagine not no big star Kobe Bryant, a large group of white dribble Daoqian Chang, passing back and forth, the last full field shots are in this picture, finally break through once, the body of a touch foul penalty on a two-hour time of one hour is spent in the suspension of the penalty time, and how can this game lz still like it? So many young people are watching to see basketball's NBA, the rest of the league, basically they go to these studies, but football is not the case, few in Europe do not like soccer, South America, Asia, Africa, can In addition to the United States and Canada, said the two countries (the two countries is not the basketball first, the United States is football and baseball, basketball only came in third), the rest of any country are very fond of football. And as a fan, regardless of which country League Cup, especially the five major leagues will go. Imagine a World Cup four years of low ratings, can it? The world's only because the game winning or losing can lead to border war movement is only football. The world, as a golden goal and the movement to change the mood of the National People just football. This is why the history of the world's first sport was football. The NBA basketball in the United States do not include the first movement, how to dominate the world? ps: and in the World Cup when the U.S. rate has not low ratings, the United States or also some people like football, and just has not yet universal. But Anzhao American Fitness, the football practice up easily. By that time the United States will have more people concerned about football.
1314 Salsa2010-04-14 17:03:36 +0000 #7
's true it
ykzhen2010-04-14 17:31:00 +0000 #8
Olympic Games have a lot of movement, but many people are only interested in their own country to win the project, for some almost hopeless to win his country would not see. I want to ask your landlord to take care of you to see Olympic 1000m champion had not? Butterfly champion not care, do not you care about 1500m swimming champion? Olympic sport attractive only 100m, high jump, women's volleyball and so on. Europeans, Americans may from time to care about the table tennis and badminton.

As for the javelin, horse racing, long jump, racing is not what people care about that, and these ratings are very low.

The football is not the same as the first low threshold football, unlike basketball very strict restrictions on the height, you are an average height and average height of 160 teams playing teams 2m, 160m estimated to have touched the ball less than links. Furthermore, many football fans, football in Africa and South America is their wealth of tools is an absolute football fanatic, Xiyayilang and Saudi Arabia are fanatical football countries; Oceania Australia and New Zealand is also very avid soccer in Europe, Italy, Germany , France, Britain, the Netherlands hot football which countries do not? Even Japan and South Korea soccer team was also very hot, South Korea more than 100w into 4 strong man carnival, 98, won the French 130w Carnival in Paris. We also have a large portion of the national football fans. So is the other sports of football fanaticism can not compare. A possible World Cup final over the world on more than 600 million people (the world's population 1 / 10) watch.

So whether it is income, number of people watching, football is more than the Olympics. World Cup 64 games 30 billion to create the ratings, a ball that is on average about 500 million people have watched the global total number of 1 / 12. A far cry from the Olympic Games -



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