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Livepo112010-04-14 18:10:25 +0000 #1
Chinese Men a 3-0 win over South Korea's Han numerous break every curse of 32 years (a total of 129 737 participants). So a win in Korea, what would happen if one day win in Brazil? Or get the World Cup, what will happen? ? Will leave the country? ? Basketball and soccer around the world who compare the influence of large? ? ? ? ? ?
06 A splash2010-04-14 18:26:04 +0000 #2
Football World Cup (World Cup) is the FIFA World Cup, is the world's highest level of football matches, with the Olympics, F1 and said the world's top three events.

This can be seen as a single event can be compared with the Olympics, we can see his influence -

There is also a major reason is that football is the world's first movement, most of the country's national sport, or the first operation Gong - The World Cup is football's highest level of competition, naturally there are many who are concerned about the -

Basketball in China are hot, in the United States it is not the first movement, the middle class and the wealthy to the disdain of a basketball Gu, who are keen on golf and football, basketball, relatively speaking lower class movement in the United States. World, Europe, South America, most of Asia does not care about basketball, they are more like football or other sports, basketball league professional level is not high. Basketball World Championship's influence in the world small, poor, simply can not, and the World Cup, F1 contend. Football really stinks too because so many of the Chinese Basketball seize the football market, they are easily mistaken for basketball in the world, as well.

The kicker magazine in 2008 ranked professional sports statistics (based on capital investment, ratings and attention, integrated ratio)

1. Football

2.F1 (Formula One) 3. Golf

(top three from 2002 has never change) 4. Rugby 5. Tennis

6. Baseball

7.NFL (American football, although the NFL in the United States ranked higher than the MLB, but it seems the world is still the priority in some baseball)

8.NHL (USA Ice Hockey Federation)

9.WPBF (Professional Boxing )

over the kicker's list of top 08 professional sports statistics, I regret not basketball
jiang86122662010-04-14 18:53:37 +0000 #3
If you win in Brazil one day pigs will laugh

I have so put at least one day a week national amnesty for the country to celebrate the world soccer gambling will also be released

There is no doubt influential football
a110107242010-04-14 19:19:25 +0000 #4
you can rest assured that China will not get the World Cup in our lifetime, but certainly also the friendly victory over Brazil, or the arrangement of the race behind the scenes - for what reason did the victory with Brazil than football, after all we are still very poor soil

together with China's government is to blame

so. . . This is better than a long time to slowly change, first in our lifetime are said than done - Ha ha

The impact of soccer or football audience larger and more wide view of the relatively high it may also

As for me I was like Basketball friends and our country may be more popular basketball? Oh also because of what the basketball facilities that require low, our country is easy to satisfy, there are Yao Ming, the flag, plus more influential broadcasting NBA larger

and football as our country's football has never been strong relative decline it will be warm, with what league are broadcast late at night that people will not see very common .... ah so it is probably not that I say please do not shoot brick testify Well I hope my answer start a discussion Bale landlord you satisfied ah - extra points Oh Oh -! @ @
1314 Salsa2010-04-14 19:30:20 +0000 #5
of course, basketball
demons and monsters 00 dogs2010-04-14 18:29:46 +0000 #6
basketball, because basketball coverage than Football



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