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I now want to go to sports school right?

德怀恩韦德 32010-04-14 21:11:18 +0000 #1
I am a student. This year in October to 15 years old, I was captain of our school basketball team, physical fitness is also very good. Wingspan Weight 55KG Height 1.72M 1.79M 2.55M standing long jump 1.31 meters run off the original body off 72CM 67CM approach I want to be a professional basketball player, like immediately into the sports school, right? Will add points. Thank you!
wlyin11132010-04-14 21:13:35 +0000 #2
If a professional player, not so easy at first will eat a lot of hardship later may not be able to become professional players, the proposal is still learning the first place, have time to go to basketball, so I think that is the best choice. I hope you wise to learn not to delay, but also set aside time to practice basketball.
5249307312010-04-14 21:52:30 +0000 #3
Good men are not into the sports school, a good woman is not into the technical school!
Li Seventh Lord2010-04-14 22:21:48 +0000 #4
your height not, thought about how later on in life to do it? When the control bit? Competition? Good life
Baggio abc2010-04-14 22:03:20 +0000 #5
learning is the first place it is after all not every practice can be branded basketball career to say there are a number branded earn more

but if you really are not interested in learning or have a firm The ideal is possible to pursue, but to hold on

or study without the exercises with it halfway to the future can not feed themselves

fate is pure in some people not to believe that some people bothered to believe,,,

road is their own path but to choose right path

more and talk with family,,,,

bless you,,,



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