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What is difficult to join CBA?

Xiao-Lin Meng ¤2010-04-15 00:10:36 +0000 #1
I am 18 years old, bare feet 2 meters high, two years before learning to swim

but admitted a lack of focus on training after high school, and physical as before

but I eat the bitter!

I intend to join the school basketball team, the University, but only tall, slim technology rougher

weight, but feel the ball better. I do not know that training hard four years promising advanced the CBA

Why? If you have any good training program, please send me, my last large meeting minutes to you

Another thing to ask Xia previous 知道 not know how to 完成

I Xi Wang Li Xiang me famous, make my family happy, not abandoned my talent -! Who wish to come to the proposals.
meng59502652010-04-15 00:21:19 +0000 #2
If conditions allow your family can hire a professional coach
I take some medicine you2010-04-15 00:15:54 +0000 #3
enter the CBA are mostly from the basketball through school, high school basketball team (the University has, not high school general) selection, such as Chen was still in high school, but directly from high school into professional players is not very realistic. In addition, you can first enter the KBL, then re-such as the CBA, however, it is very cumbersome, and unlikely.

In cba key:

1. To prospective bidders, nine in ten voted almost

2. Long fat, powerful. Paul Bide Long better technology, but the total was Deron off the hook is the best example. 3. Dribble to stability, not to be broken, not necessarily fancy. 4. The first three are trained in out, if you have good vision to be at the head bigger picture send no problem

step up training it, I wish you success! Oh -



2 to enter the draft, join the basketball camp 3, to participate in college basketball league, playing good and you still can be elected to go

first youth team was selected, instead of signing in with Shi Li slowly, most people selected candidates.

The first to sign the contract. Is the most important.

You can participate in a high enough draft CUBA the CUBA every summer to lay up in Yunnan and then into the CBA, it is easy, and is the most likely young people, gradually hone it, you are the talent, not playing on the waste ah!
Chenchuanning12010-04-15 01:16:31 +0000 #4
You can go to sports school in Guangdong Province, they can reference for you, but it is very difficult to join the youth team in Guangdong, of course, their assessment of you is valuable, so you can go to some of the traditional strong teams in Jiangsu youth team workout, as long as you then gift, but do not go no CBA teams, and Liaoning provinces and cities where the proliferation of such talent, such as Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang are good choices, opportunities in Jiangsu Province will be more than number.
Vick2961107622010-04-15 01:24:34 +0000 #5
If you would like to join the University basketball team, then to the Guangdong University of Technology .. but through special admissions coach this off. Yi Jianlian. Zhu Fangyu .... out of this school are the universities admissions. If you go to school may wish to ask it -

If you entered the school basketball team. You certainly never see the hard training day .. tell the truth, you are definitely better than reading the technical students of sports school out worse. This requires you work harder than others, training, and for 21 years before the Chinese and to the professional coach. Guangdong Hongyuan 2 teams into the well -
Dark Age2010-04-15 00:34:09 +0000 #6
more appropriate to forward two meters!

Cba no nba physical confrontation, but is not that there is no strong, so the body is absolutely number one shot a

, followed by dribbling forward the request to the guard did not come high, you can make a shooter-type player (to Zhu Fangyu, Ray Allen look odd), cast into The organization is the key to scoring point guard that is Do not talk to them live let's grab the

next step is to dribble, and do not ask you can the other party Akira fell to the ground, but also do not ask you to fast is lightning crossed the opponents block, but you at least promise not to be opponents put the ball away

and then the defense, and defense is essential to the court, even if the offensive shortcomings, the words are strong enough defense without any problems, think about it nba defense experts, to carry forward the stick tactics, so that opponents can never be comfortable in front of you succeeded

之后 to see if you have basketball IQ, and your God 一样 even if the technique of the body, your If not sooner or later IQ was Tactics dead

see more of that location you how to play nba superstar, the best terms for you

you are matched in very good condition! Come on! Hope one day you can see in the cba

to give when I signed ah

how many points I want to send you
a266598702010-04-15 00:43:59 +0000 #7
CBA's scouts have discovered technology to show he can integrate into the team ...
Happy Hardy Family2010-04-15 02:43:35 +0000 #8
xiaoyangbaha2010-04-15 03:46:07 +0000 #9
landlord I tell the truth if you ha

2M and 18 years old do not have any grounding into the CBA is very difficult

unless you're very good talent otherwise is a fantasy

or study hard or else it CBA is not a game is not who wants to enter into a

in China to get an early age that would have been basketball professional personnel training in addition acquired only after desperate efforts of

you want to enter is simple or just above that certain high-10CM Me and

However, it is difficult in the long 10CM ...



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