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mkwzW_5202010-04-15 00:10:55 +0000 #1
I practice at home has been patted situ, apparently what the right hand to the very stability of change, but once the actual game, it was against my break when the ball was out how going ah? I practice at home obviously very stability of the
0 pure menfolk even children 02010-04-15 00:19:04 +0000 #2
want to play basketball. Rely on themselves to play have practiced not work normally. If you are a novice. In addition to the usual practice basic skills and strength exercises outside. need to keep combat. actual playing more basketball skills progress faster. especially the 3 on 3 half-court. can quickly increase personal technology. another. field experience is also very important to lay a part of basketball. This should always hone in actual combat. you certainly have some ground balls jerk (jerk the ball really technical). they are very instinctive. more with them soon to fight the growth of field experience can be. concentrate fully and Do not be afraid to play. because of basketball by the real abilities. there is no one thing that you do not pay can harvest. Do not be afraid of their own playing the good fight. with what a bad investment and not afraid to surprise. basketball most The first fear is fear fear of feet. have the opportunity to vote. a neutral position on the conflict. I believe no one expert who claimed to play basketball from the beginning has been a master. Who has the time rookie. play to be confident. have their own style. mainly Ganpin. does not matter how many shots. netball they enter the break. The key is to do in the field of fight and passion for basketball. I think that everybody was afraid of rivals - the other time in peacetime in athletics . efforts to train one or two strokes own nirvana. Oh, play their own characteristics. usually the time in athletics. not too fancy. should take practical. beautiful .. the speed is very important mainly as a link. I do not want to 100 meters you go to practice. if you look at it from the extraordinary speed fast enough on it - To do this requires good leg strength and ball technology. This is not the number of the. only practice. If you have an masters . just want to improve your technical and tactical. that on top of with this .. you do not Kan Xu Yao looking for a coach position from your own body gives you a Guding effective training system. Zhiyao Meitianjianchi can be improved. Zhege Jieduan improvement on is very difficult to De. another. you need some intense confrontations. I would not say useless things. This is my own experience. want to help you.
Emperor Wu Yi Ping2010-04-15 00:44:58 +0000 #3
NBA in the big man back in training with dribble like, why do so one to match.

Because of agility, this can refer 2K10



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