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How to shoot a good basketball pointers

Lvoe_Mcgrady2010-04-15 05:10:20 +0000 #1
My 14 years old today, stands 1.65 or so (higher than my father), I was thin, I like playing basketball, I have a good cast and the free throw that would not shoot one-third ball (most recently in learning how to break), I used to shoot in the third position to vote, but the intensity is not enough ah! ! Please teach me how to use the hit rate and does not cost too much effort in the position to shoot 3
▓ nothing was Jue love Ai ℡2010-04-15 05:14:38 +0000 #2
Hello -

I voted for about 3 minutes --- Tips

Exercise 3 basketball long shot 3-pointers technical know-how:

1, "began shooting from the feet" is the absolute truth, especially for three-pointers this action, for amateur players, the jump shot (is that kind of jump shots later, not incidentally, jump in) one-third of the action is too difficult, it is recommended not to be mastered, in many cases launched against the amateur level ground is enough. Pointers for higher power requirements, advise you do not believe my arm too much to provide so much power and so accurate use of force. Knees and bounce can be very beneficial to the hands of inertia more power to target.

2, the training of hand movements is difficult to describe in words, only with the training to go to their own experience. Achieve dynamic stereotype, so that my hands, arms can have a very stable feel. 3, third ball of the aiming point is usually distant point of the rim, into the basket generally require a high degree of high, almost as high as possible, and be conscious when the shot went high investment, of course, the beginning of unsuitable But after a period of training may feel good, especially the third cast of friends are not allowed to try to vote with a high arc, and perhaps give you a surprise. 4, fired at the corner is more difficult (due to the relationship between the eye target, no reference), but this place is often the largest investment and one-third chance, so this place must pay attention to multi-shot training, the training is to improve the level of the only way! 5, in a defense situation, three-point shooting to combine in a breakthrough, (shooting and breakthroughs are inseparable), but this almost did not have much to say, is to practice anyway, in the slow race go slow feeling.

In general to be step by step basis if there are certain shots you can start throwing around the free throw line kept the practice from the first opportunity to practice shooting when your stable at around 60 percent of the distance can be increase your distance to practice a half-step is also in the hit rate of about 100 molecules of 60

has been coupled with a half step half step to the free throw line over the distance but also said that the third ball-term Nerishige in order to stable in the third game ball you need to work as an NBA season in the third striker could only reach 40% up to about

but there are a few shots of the premise must be correct

position, whether the general shot or jumper is all that the premise of which more than one check a lot of online Baidu is worth learning and reference later

you will feel easy shot is a matter of right arm movement sufficient strength to gently wave the ball into the header

When you feel very strenuous action is necessary to consider their own strength and power

Action premise with enough practice you will improve the feel I want to become a master

also want to say is To vote or not vote must be determined must have confidence in the

One last point: study hard, serious life, cherish the time, love the people around! ! !
Strongman 7752010-04-15 05:19:05 +0000 #3
vote third important point is that talent. Also the best talent. Of course, no gift is required. Is connected between the various sports, you should always play basketball (not just limited to one-third of the vote in practice, the need for all aspects of exercise) than you can fight the initial bad at ping and other physical and psychological health benefits of sport. In threes, you also during training to maintain the proper position. More practice very. You can do it! !
814474212010-04-15 06:06:40 +0000 #4
Search tutorial video ....... to think, mainly to practice - ------- I feel the experience of looking at the three-point jump, jump to the third line to go inside, before the landing cast, one-third of this calculation, but also effort, most people know ..... you can try to pull the header of the parabola higher
8 Health wj2010-04-15 06:21:30 +0000 #5
no fee to use too much effort ------ Basketball shooting action - hands chest launch (if you can afford "secular" in the eyes)

------ have to rely on shooting high training
early industry spectators2010-04-15 06:20:14 +0000 #6
strength training can not be every day According to the plan to do push-ups, preferably every day to do a dumbbell chest exercise to do to strengthen the upper body strength, looks tired very slow, but as long as a week will probably be effective for a month was essentially reborn. Nba then you should see more of the video, look carefully at their actions, in fact, particularly good grasp movement, the key is to practice more, tens of thousands of times as Yingmuhuadao practice as a low hit rate can not be sure. But I think you focus on the breakthroughs and the cast of the practice, the third to the normal confrontation is not usable on



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