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nba2k how layup or dunk

zlzlkaka2010-04-15 05:10:32 +0000 #1
I am a rookie, is not less likely to play. For example under the fast break, I speed up the key to his shot stopped by to play board goals, can not be a continuous layup action, this is why? Also please give me answer about which master key role in Calvary, shoot I will use the button in the bottom of a set, heard 5 shot, do not know how to use
gq3314410632010-04-15 05:16:38 +0000 #2
I am not old bird However, I can answer your question, the so-called five shot button, a direct a shoot, then the direction of the other four were shot, you drive and dunk or very simple, first of all when you accelerate and speed up the keys do not shoot let go, do not follow the speed can also layup, dunk my own has been filled, according to speed up the time are basically dunk, not by time, you need to go the distance so close to the free throw line, a small step inside the free throw line about it to the basket as the center of the circle to the radius, in that vicinity, the ball went near it, or more recently by shooting, it is natural that a layup and ran out, but there may need you to stop shooting dunk standing vertical jump dunk dunk and added that several relatively high, so that you the same circumstances, or even close to the basket, dunk Accelerative Running and then press the shoot is, the role of each button I only say basic, turbo (I am English may hit the wrong, generally) that is accelerating, the ball point of attack when he is changed to light is that the ball from left to right a great movement for the kind of change to, try to know what you mean a, spin is rebounding, defense often blocks, steals in the passing routes when it might jump by grabbing the ball. Needless to say, is shooting the shoot, click time is hypocrisy shot, Huangdian opponents, crossover is changed to, is running the ball changes direction, when the defense is making an offensive foul, or cover, clutch is living on, to stand a good offensive position played by the by, then click speed is a little film about the ball entered, and crowded, that, when the defense is personal defense, the kind of card bit like defense around the basket below is the niche that stuck rival, the basic direction of shooting and four keys, with a bias that is about to vote on both sides, up and down the layup when the bar used to do the best to play with the handle, when the defense is to so stop the opponents break, and up hands in the air, down by my hands sometimes, should be lower center of gravity of the positive trends in defense bar, do not know, can bond with four shots close pressed, over your competitors on the direction and push the joystick button four shots toward the opponents pushed hard pressed to close, would not let him catch that, try to know



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