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Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade is how the training

S22j33332010-04-15 07:10:25 +0000 #1
the three big B cattle could not be more big figure how long it takes to train so Niua? Not my practice, I just envy them. Would like to know that their training is not very hard, in what ways are out of practice?
Another ★ SUN2010-04-15 07:13:08 +0000 #2
Kobe Bryant Cheats both simple and complex, that is, "6-6-6" training method, this method of training intensity of the large, only the "hell" to describe. What is the "6-6-6" training methods? Disaggregated explanation can be broken down into "6 hours per day, every six stages (at least 600 shots a day, not total, is everywhere: You can attack), 6 days a week." During the game, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers teammates join the team training, when the summer vacation period, the remaining players when the various leisure activities, but rain or shine Bryant a "6-6-6" program. Over the years, only because "Ying Jun sexual assault cases," the outbreak and the future within the time trial, Bryant appeared a short training break, all the rest of the time spent in the training hall.

He's training theory is simple: according to plan personal body shape, strength, technology and other aspects, the resilience of ordinary people to use than the ** for the right pitch. Bryant trained so hard, is very rare in the active player, his personal trainer, Joe? Caborn have the most say, he would arrive at 7 am every day of private training venues Bryant began two hours of work.

This period of training programs include: 1 jumped immediately jumped out of the box (the height difference of each box), 230-yard rapid run, 3 Accelerative Running, 4 give the maximum amount of exercise barbells, etc. This is only a first step, Bryant then also need to squat 400 5 6 300 be considered the end of horizontal move. Such a high intensity continuous training, even for professional players and a challenge to the standard of physical limits, but all summer harvest in 2002, the most obvious effect.

That a holiday Bryant enhanced by this training method the thickness of the arm and shoulder muscles, when the NBA started the official training camp, has been a rather popular piece is well-known: some media published photos of Kobe, many fans have questioned the photographer The shooting levels, because the photograph of a small head Bryant looks a lot, but Bryant turned the power to strengthen the shoulder and upper limb muscles caused by thick lines, Contrast seems slightly out of the skull was small. Sports Media ESPN once famous in the October 28, 2002 Bryant disclosed methods of training, the strength of the uproar caused sports, you know, Bryant insisted that the devil had means up to 8 years. Fueled excellent mentor talent, good words and deeds (father, Joe? Bryant early in the period 1975 to 1983, the effectiveness of up to eight NBA seasons), Kobe Bryant have access to the best trainer to help him find the most reasonable mode of training. A good trainer can help the players more with less, Joe? Caborn will be in Bryant plays an important role in life. Back in 1994, Bryant will face Joe? Caborn. That was Bryant just attended the 13th draft pick and to enter the NBA before the Philadelphia 76ers coach John? Lucas introduced the team assistant trainer Joe? Caborn met with Kobe Bryant, Joe? Caborn and Bryant hit it off in the future Kobe Bryant will help train without reservation. Bryant getting rich, he also has numerous employees like the personal assistant, but Joe? Caborn is a private hire his first staff, Joe? Caborn also dedicated services has been Bryant. The summer of 2004, Bryant Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak to recommend Joe? Caborn, then, the Lakers officially hired Joe? Caborn as the teams strength trainer, he and his personal friendship between Bryant is also the contact for many years in the more firmly.

Just entered the NBA in the 1996-97 season, rookie Bryant weighed 200 pounds seems a little bit thin, but now Kobe Bryant is still the high school level of physical development of the immaturity of the visual effects extend to the stadium is more than strong enough toughness.

Bryant never stopped its "6-6-6" training course, the second year of the 1997-98 season, his weight will be increased to 210 pounds, physical contact on the pitch has nothing for him, His strength, flexibility, coordination, speed is gradually perfected; the 1998-99 season, Kobe Bryant, weight up to 215 pounds, power, rhythm, speed almost been reached peak levels, also in that year Lakers dynasty gradually revealing towering appearance.

1999-2000 season, the Lakers won three consecutive first trophy, this time Bryant's body weight is 210 pounds; the 2000-01 season, the Lakers won the second time Bryant weight remained at 210 pounds; 2001-02 season, Bryant still the same weight, but also to help the Lakers with a third Cup success in the new century's first dynasty.

2002 summer, Bryant through greater physical activity to body weight raised to 220 pounds, looking more to adapt to the new season against, the next three years, Bryant has always been the standard weight. Tends to perfect his physical fitness, muscle mass, but need to be able to maintain control of the best on the pitch victorious. Thus increasing the weight, the Kobe Bryant as a small forward (swingman) position is even more handy, shoulder and upper extremity strength increased so that he can remain stable under the body against the ball into the basket. Compared laughing O'Neal, Kobe Bryant can not be considered a good leader, he's stubborn grasp on the ball often let the team into a tactical situation stagnate. But no one can deny that, Kobe is one of the best players he gave himself the pressure exerted by the training is that Chang Chang Qi overweight "big sharks" can be compared, mid-call than to lose weight about O'Neal, Bryant Conglai without human supervision and training ground on the silent struggle, he was paid by the sweat and today's success can be equated. 1996-97 season, Bryant is still on the bench rookie regulars, although the technical fine, but treatment is often regarded as the mascot. Kobe can put all the young lives thrown into the training exercise, he is more like an addition to the fighting will only self-maintained vehicles, despite dangers and difficulties Yongwangzhiqian. Do not forget that began in 1994, "6-6-6" training courses lonely child, his shoulders more than most adults are under pressure, whether it is the training ground or off the court.

CBA's Hu Weidong is one such practice abolition.
Cable review2010-04-15 07:48:01 +0000 #3
all inhuman training ah! Almost cruel, Bryant each summer abuse their bodies! "Abuse" Can you imagine a bar



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