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James, the seventh generation how to care

704740222010-04-15 08:12:13 +0000 #1
I have a pair of James, the seventh largest combat boots, do not know how to care, I used to wear a double-KOBE3 results rotten, dead I regret it!
xuchao8128742010-04-15 08:25:37 +0000 #2
First, the shoes should be placed in a relatively dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, because the humid environment may cause corruption body shoes, shoes, sun exposure will change color as part of material deterioration . But where the shoe has not too dry, because the result in cracking of leather. Because the humid environment may cause corruption body shoes, shoes, sun exposure will change color as part of material deterioration. Second, save the shoes when the shoes should be stuffed in a soft ball of paper, do so primarily to ball of paper can absorb water shoes to keep the internal residual dry inside, but also conducive to maintaining a fixed shape of shoes, not As for the after use of the "Beat." Third, the particular need to be raised is the type of preservation for the collection of the best buy shrink film, like the shoe to a pair of shoes which completely surround the same, in order to obtain the shoes of the large limits of air separation, to prevent a longer period of time constant air oxidation of the shoes. For example, the visible air cushion, such as nike max air or on behalf of Jordan, 11, 16 on behalf of the foreign end of a few years time, will gradually turn yellow, with the shrink film to maintain the original color is a better choice
wld40124752010-04-15 08:49:25 +0000 #3
Do not cement wear play
2136608802010-04-15 09:02:38 +0000 #4
Best answer dress shoes care instructions

1. in the selection of sports shoes is that you based your campaign requirements and care for the style selected, because different types of sports shoes with different design requirements and use requirements, so choose your sports shoes and need is essential.

2. I choose to write the numbers, it is good to try their hand: a pair of shoes when your feet the ground, with upright posture, with thumb up and down activities as appropriate, should not be too large or too small; If you choose to help the shoe high better to use the squat position to confirm whether the upper grinding Jiaobo mouth after the reunification.

3. Shoes are too fat, shoe marks, said. This requires the characteristics of sports shoes according to type too fat, and feet awakened choice. In addition, the regulation lace tightness, you can meet your requirements, usually for the benefit of not pressing the instep.

4. When the shoes dirty, scrub gently with water dipped in detergent, then rinse, dry place ventilated cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Do not use warm air or the name of the fire drying, to avoid aging, open plastic, fading and serious distortion. Washing could not be a long soak, usually not more than 2 hours soaking time.

5. Athletic shoes most of the material is synthetic polymer materials (mostly nylon mesh and polyester non-woven class-based artificial leather, shoes and more use made of rubber or foam rubber), some upper is leather, so and avoid contact with organic reagents and fat class solution, while also not high temperature environment in a long time wear. Normal wear or washing with a temperature of not more than 45 eating degrees.

6. If long storage, should be first shoe brush clean, cool dry place rear ventilated storage to avoid mildew. Real leather is best to shoes or shoes with paper balls and drag to avoid serious distortion.

7. To enable you to reach a satisfactory wear, please wear your fair treatment, remember not to wear normal running shoes or walking shoes for soccer, and doing strenuous exercise. To give full play to the technical expertise you.


※ Avoid contact with solutions of organic reagents and fats and oils, compounds, leather surface.

※ appropriate high temperature environment in the long wear.

※ try to ensure that 45 degrees Celsius to minus 20 degrees Celsius within the wear environment.

※ If not wear a long time, should be first shoe brush clean, store in a cool place to place to avoid mold release. Shoes hold up better with the filling, to avoid distortion.

※ Do not wear normal running shoes or walking shoes for soccer and other strenuous exercise. Any kind of athletic shoe with a sharp object can not access

※ When washing dirty shoes, you can gently scrub with water dip detergent, then rinse.

※ Do not use hard scrubbing brush or excellent washing process and the printing pattern eagerly corner position.

※ washed with a washing machine drying is best.

※ If long storage, should be first shoe brush clean, cool dry ventilated storage place, so shoes have sufficient time to dry to avoid mildew.

※ Never use open flame heating or drying, easy to cause aging and open shoes, plastic, fade, and distortion.

※ brushing could not be a long soak, soaking time should not exceed 2 hours.

※ running shoes on the nylon mesh fabric and man-made tanning is relatively easy to maintain, hand wash with water, it is best not to use the washing machine wash or water immersion.

※ separation of the shoes and laces, neutral soap / washing powder. When washing out shoe insole, gently scrub with a soft brush, and finally rinse.

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