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NBA player contract buyout What does it mean

Du Xiaojian dxj2010-04-15 08:12:19 +0000 #1
a player such as Z, pay 10 million U.S. dollars annual salary, buy it, how much to pay players Z.

Z day assuming the players do not play ball.
Night Ming Sword2010-04-15 08:22:52 +0000 #2
not a unilateral breach of contract.

Is an appropriate way of mutual agreement to terminate the contract.

Z there is a player such as two-year contract, the total amount of 20,000,000. Teams or players that do not want to perform the contract, and then seek buy, such as using 15 million contract buyout.

On the team, the buyout means a lower price (15 million) after a (high) contracts (20 million), while a player places empty.

On the player, the buyout could join another team after.

Buyout price decided through mutual consultation.
MoTo24422010-04-15 08:43:19 +0000 #3
get the remaining funds to be bought out of contracts for various reasons, of course, may not be 100% but should not be bought much less after the player becomes a free agent and any team can have cap space or The team has signed trade exception (including the buyout of his team can sign, of course, if they want to say...)

in general will be a special case or a two-year veteran signed a special case

of course, the basic salary if the player is still relatively young and The latter also have more power to half of the middle class may also be a special case about 200-300 million this year to sign like 2-3 years before being bought out of the Finley Dallas is 3 years 8.4 million by the Spurs to sign up



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