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Analysis 2010NBA All-Star Game

most wood and stone2010-04-15 10:10:48 +0000 #1
last 13 seconds Delong how foul is committed a mistake? I understand that time is divided equally, under his foul penalty even if Wade had two goals, then they have the initiative. Can save 13 seconds of attack time and to ensure that a third to win, if not foul, Wade spent 13 seconds just to complete a two-point win. Their only defense is completely passive and do not understand my analysis does not, please help to analyze the
back guozhen the onion2010-04-15 10:21:58 +0000 #2
I think he should not foul the last to know it down to fight anti-overtime victory probability is much larger than one-third of lore foul and then cast the probability that the ball should be Delong's wrong that the fouls he committed not to but the fact is that this is my understanding
weiweiaianqier2010-04-15 10:32:03 +0000 #3
how do you say this. . In fact, no foul is committed there is no absolute right and wrong points. Anthony Delong that foul if the last ball dropped into the lore, that his theory is a foul, but the final ball did not throw themselves into Anthony lore, that can only mean that the foul is wrong. Delong, if not foul the prevailing circumstances, the amount of time spent if Wade is coming again and then wait for time to vote, the worst is fighting in eastern Canada, the best situation is that the ball into the direct won. However, it is either the Western or lose additional playing time, so to count the words, Delong's foul was right. Of course, if by this situation, if the ball into the lore Wade, Deron did not go foul that no one would blame him, most think Wade lore ability. If you went into, you did not go foul Delong is right, ha ha!

Said so many, in fact, the key is: Wade's lore whether the ball into the lore and Anthony into the decision whether the ball foul Delong is reasonable.

Do not know the landlord that I said right, hehe!
Pig_p2010-04-15 11:02:53 +0000 #4
First of all, no foul

Wade Delong will not necessarily thrown into

will not necessarily vote in their own foul and Deron just when he thought that would take foul tactics behind

If you can say Wei Then, after Germany and throws to the west on the free throw foul line

even if Deron is playing into the penalty and then to ensure a level

two points to win

is not to pay attention to every attack can be thrown into the



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