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Landry let go of the rocket to shame!

Andy 200808082010-04-15 10:11:58 +0000 #1
Rocket Landry let go a pity!

Rocket Landry let go a pity!

Rocket Landry let go a pity!
yu_1000w2010-04-15 10:21:41 +0000 #2
no way to do
victims of ICE2010-04-15 10:21:40 +0000 #3
contempt Morey bid farewell to Landry, Kevin Martin, the hit rate is not high if the Roy also similar, Bi Mading more.
Haven_wy2010-04-15 11:27:13 +0000 #4
Landry and Scola are not rocket on the 4th position on the best candidate,

phase Bilandeli, Scola more offensive and defensive stability,

Landry's height and the defense is giving up his biggest rocket

there is no reason it felt like before the change to the King that
a mole Xingfu2010-04-15 10:38:48 +0000 #5
Rockets did well, through the deal, they achieved three objectives:

1, so worth seeing this year's season continues to have hope. Although Shane and Trevor Ariza, the rocket is still a lack of scoring ability up front, especially self-scoring. Half of the season in the past, the role of Trevor Ariza still not able to complete the adjustment, rocket aware that Ariza's play and his awareness of the role players are still staying on in, stay in the team's third or fourth offensive options on the They need an offensive strengths. Martin, after a five-year growth in the Kings, scoring more and more outstanding. As long as he does not hurt, let the rocket attack further. I also believe that with his arrival, Ariza flies will be more comfortable and better performance. Martin the burden of carrying it, the liberation of Ariza. Martin Adelman grew up in his offensive game system methods for Adelman. His offense does not need too much ball, can score the ball. I believe him to the Rockets do not need a long time to adjust, at least he understands the principle Adelman system.

II rocket successfully completed the pay cut. In the current economic situation, pay cuts, to avoid the luxury tax to pay the team's first objective for many, many teams in order to achieve this goal, hesitate to harm the strength of the team this season. Morey in the reduction can be done at the same time, increase team strength. Transaction, the rocket payroll 74 million U.S. dollars, probably over three million, count to get their luxury tax, Morey Alexander is saved six million employers. If I were the boss, give him a raise.

3, the deal the Rockets better prepare for the future. Some people ask, why not leave Medina contract expires next year, a star for the NBA championship. This was once a rocket program, can change reality more quickly. Rockets free agent who will soon become the star who is, has very attractive. Now the league because they have become increasingly scarce good center Yao Ming. Because in Texas do not pay state tax. Yao injury may be the absence of one year, who do not know how long he needs to restore and return to court on the performance of the rocket is no longer a shock winner of the candidate. Coupled with changes in the salary cap, the Rockets Scola and Lori renewal next year, even if the contract expires McGrady left the Rockets, it difficult to ensure that change the pattern of a certain star sign. The face of many uncertainties, the Rockets selected transactions, first Martin and draft picks to grab those factors identified in hand to say.

Rocket has been prepared for the future good of the hands, Yao Ming to return to former levels, it would be best. But once it did not happen, the Rockets can start rebuilding more smoothly. Martin is a good young man, Scola to play as a cornerstone of stability, with Yao Ming 17 million in cap space, and the 2011 and 2012 the number of first-round draft pick, the Rockets still be able to guarantee that the western despots.

Trading day, the dust has settled, the Rockets for the future more and more clear way of thinking. To praise one, Morey great, old wisdom has.



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