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Anti-Doo cents crazy2010-04-15 15:10:19 +0000 #1
Section Competition immediately I was playing center, and a very thin 181cm only 128 pounds, the face of the growth center of other classes how can I do? How long fatter, and I love exercise, in the face of his opponents should pay attention to what? How can we break through his defense?
5844220932010-04-15 15:22:16 +0000 #2
You should be very flexible and it, when you attack the best free-throw line that is about to pull out of playing center. If he came out, you will use the flexibility of your sudden he; if he did not come out, then you cast him. You play such a large center body is suddenly cast the best combination of tactics. Of course the premise is that you cast Marketer breakthroughs and technology, otherwise I just say zero.

Would like to gain weight, the more food, but to play basketball, not to the power of your fat is not fat. But did not force you fat as zero. Give lifting dumbbells, do some push-ups, your strength will go up, even if you have nothing to thin point. The best example is the Kevin Garnett to see how strong his power, although he was thin, but that point the meat is muscle, very strong.

Now you want to prevent the big center, the best way around the front, let him the ball, this is the best defense. Note cards place around the former sense, he posted a comfortable way to not let him catch.

Answering your question, and want to help you.



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