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nba Jordan has several sons daughters

oltitan2010-04-15 16:10:15 +0000 #1

ignorance of the good2010-04-15 16:19:58 +0000 #2
Jordan's oldest son, 名叫杰夫乔丹, this was 16 years old, height to 1.86 meters long, is the Chicago 加哥罗约拉 College (nicknamed "walker"), the main guard basketball team, one in the U.S. media, only a description of the wind angle of capelin, the Chinese fans are even more mysterious "Dragon Prince"

Jiefuqiaodan the "basketball career" the most memorable game so far in this year on February 25 the United Center in Chicago, the game must go over Delaseer high school. It is a small team for the first time in Jordan with his father fought on the race course. The results came off the bench, he arise, Scatter scored a game-high 15 points, helping the team 22 points behind in the third quarter up to the case, has made anti-Israel 48:47 miraculous comeback. Jiefuqiaodan 15 points total income for the second half, including the fourth quarter game, he scored 11 points, helping his team to storm a wave of attacks 24:2. Of course, including pointer with 6.1 seconds winning layup.

With the father as Jiefuqiaodan also play shooting guard. But another difference with the father, is a left-handed pitcher Jiefuqiaodan. He inherited the father's physical and mental qualities. Coach Tucker said: "Jeff's contribution is too great, he reversed game has a lot of know-how and good of 感觉. He uses his ability to hit the basket go, I'm sure this is his characteristic the ability." Of course, small Jordan's jumper hit rate could be improved, he would miss the free throws at a critical time, but only for a 16-year-old children, are acceptable and have time to improve.

But Jiefuqiaodan also not "live", and his brother 马库斯乔丹 Although only 14 years old, but now they have grown to 1.92 m, Bi Gege also high. It is seen Marcus play that he is a game well, crazy love the little guy dunk, has been able to row into the state's best young players in the ranks of 8. Loyola College in suburban Chicago, next year, 马库斯乔丹 will ascend to the school, and his brother to become teammates. By then, people will see the Jordan brothers conquer the world together in high school stadium on the wonders.
NBA Barcelona2010-04-15 16:28:00 +0000 #3
2 sons and a daughter



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