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King of the rocket to see how the 3-party transactions Knicks?

htmacz2010-04-15 16:10:21 +0000 #1
Unfortunately, the Lan Lan ah -
chengguangj2010-04-15 16:23:03 +0000 #2
wheat honey group, the objective point. . Martin Martin's fall does not does not matter! To Martin for this level is also reasonable! The two draft picks is very attractive, and Martin did not know how kind the people together! ! Basically heard! Daoshi do not understand, the Knicks do to Tracy McGrady, big injuries, but not Owen, can only be understood as the salary of room! Looking at some of New York paid a teenager, two high pick in the draft, signed with the Nets in the risk of low pumped champion! King by Landry! Rockets bid farewell to a Tracy McGrady, Martin got a few teenager, two good sign, New York by Tracy! Rockets traded good ah
Cao Yun-Wei2010-04-15 16:23:42 +0000 #3
wyin1162010-04-15 16:49:36 +0000 #4
Many people have become attached to not let go to Carl Landry is a free agent next year if we do not let go of the idea of Landry rocket is sure to renew it When no one around to take no less than eight million Landry might as well trade him now the most value can be clearly reflected in Scola and Landry choose between the Rockets Scola

look after the players play if they play Shing Chuen star after Martin Players can become a star player Qiaodanxier that trading success

Martin downhill and Qiaodanxier contrary to expectations, as did the development of that transaction failed

But even if the players failed transactions Morey get through this deal Rockets draft picks will not have a chance to turn over a stick and killed it all

very reliable in terms of the deal after all, the Rockets missed a beat without the use of millions of Madison in 2000 after the transaction is now starting lineup is at least have a certain strength of the
light zzz2010-04-15 16:43:43 +0000 #5
Landry Scola play in limited.

Kevin Ma Ding Buqiang a rocket shooting guard position.
Wyxmfj5852010-04-15 17:40:30 +0000 #6
Morey is a big fried, Adelman is a brain disability, even if the Jordan into Adelman's squad, nor a title, maybe the playoffs are all suspended, Landry go well, or bad brain day disabled hands in Adelaide, he went to the king can get more opportunities, perhaps next year was traded to the better team took the championship is possible
BABY Xin Nian2010-04-15 18:12:49 +0000 #7
Martin is also a glass, do not Small rockets broken heart cry Go
Coal Exchange to discuss2010-04-15 19:12:08 +0000 #8
Houston get Martin, reinforcing the lineup for next season to prepare the arrival of Yao Ming, Yao Ming inside the containment believe there are more opportunities for Martin, but Martin is not a first-line star, the Rockets will not conduct transactions such as the current line-up this year, even if difficult to break into the first round of the playoffs. Knicks get McGrady, you can free up cap space for next season and the introduction of James, Wade, Bosh, Stoudemire prepare Kings bid farewell to Martin, determined to rebuild Evans as the core team, for now the Knicks in the future years to gain competitive advantage, the Rockets sent away Landry slipped inside strength, but the new exchange to the rookie Qiaodanxier great potential for future players, I believe Morey's sinister vision.



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