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Why then the sun king eagle, the sun did not renew him, and he shot really accurate, the sun regret

Woshiguiym2010-04-15 16:10:27 +0000 #1

genius ho ho2010-04-15 16:20:18 +0000 #2
5 years 90 million. . . Lion's opening ah, the sun, of course not, and then, when Nash took him he was a small Rolls-Royce, then the sun talents, do not he is right, but also no regrets, and if Nash Stoudemire in him All-Star level of play was not. The so-called All-Star must be learned in the worst team in
sdolilove5212010-04-15 16:17:33 +0000 #3
how do you say. This thing hard to say. Grizzlies trade Pau Gasol for example Why? Eagle to the high money, of course, to the eagle he had.
Pig_p2010-04-15 17:22:57 +0000 #4
will not regret it

then JJ is a sign change (after the first renewal transactions) way to join the

sun eagle was Dior and the future of the two first-round draft picks plus a 500 million Medium

year terms have been bent from the sun JJ (a claim is not satisfied Stoudemire) Sun has no choice but to give up

not only to give up the sun year JJ was also set free a large Q

he shelled two important weapons, but the sun

but the arrival of Bell and Dior eye-catching performance in that year, the same sun

which is now paid for with Dior Richardson more suitable for the sun

Richardson scoring the same as JJ did not want to be a Gangster -

so the sun will not regret it -



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