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Rocket's 2011 plan?

Everyone loves is too small2010-04-15 20:10:10 +0000 #1
Morey and the so-called experts have referred to this general direction, not knowing what it meant, 2011, as melon and Durant are aware of the players option, or will the monster 2011 draft, in the end Murray's plan is what Please prawns are enlighten? ! Thank you!
mn21998872010-04-15 20:20:37 +0000 #2
salary from the summer of 2010 the composition of the rocket, except that maybe has 10 million contract, Yao Ming and Martin, the two "backbone salary" Shane and Jeffries would be to of the contract. Battier's salary next season, which reached 7.35 million, Jeffries was 6.88 million, the two together can achieve 14 million + in size, has the equivalent of a superstar-level player in the first year's annual salary. At the same time do not forget that rockets were a lot of groan from the New York Knicks draft picks here, these chips can come in handy.

Even consider sending Brooks (Lori will be a free agent, not for trading), send away a small cloth that is indeed something more chance, but to really get under the stars a bit heartless. Not bear a child sets not live wolf, then change to the Celtics Garnett also averaged a double-double cruel bleeding let go of the Al - Jefferson only change to the.

As for the Rockets should be the summer of 2010, how to build teams, in fact, can refer to green jersey army. Anji the summer of 2007 under the cruel pain, relief will throw all stock, in exchange for Allen and Kevin Garnett, but now the Rockets already have a good inside (Yao Ming) and a super shooter (Martin) ... ... Who Pierce became the Rockets will be facing this summer, the ultimate test of Morey. Army green jersey in the summer of 2007, jumped from the belly turning into the championship, this, his debut in Celtic's Mo must have profound understanding of the total.

Morley has promised to create a rocket hit a competitive team. Now, he fulfilled the promise of opportunity finally came. Although there was nothing in his cap space this summer, there expired contracts, draft picks and quality role players can be said for trading ... ... now everything is ready, just waiting for June to make things happen.
Even02592010-04-15 20:20:16 +0000 #3
is not yet very clear but as the deal with the Knicks reached step by step or can see some clues the Knicks and the Rockets traded three players from outside the chip is in addition to the second round of the 2010 and 2011 draft picks Morey first round draft pick rookie in the elections in line with relatively the first round of the 2011 election to the popular will he Bacheng players like Wade, James, this is basically The Dragon King had no hope of a



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