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Rockets fans into!

hello A master2010-04-15 21:10:42 +0000 #1
Very real problem, return next season after Yao Ming, the Rockets now for him? Or Brooks this play and Yao Ming can co-exist you
Angela Chang's electric rod2010-04-15 21:21:07 +0000 #2
NBA nosy to see what transactions on Kanba Guannameduo play ah
A large Rights2010-04-15 21:38:21 +0000 #3
not suitable, Yao Ming to change, the biggest problem is the mobile is not flexible. After all, performed the operation. I feel very ride Brooks and Yao Ming. Another back better. Comparing the same as Nash is not already better known for speed.
Cheung article2010-04-15 22:29:22 +0000 #4
This is because Yao Ming is not ah. . Yao Ming may also be sent after the handover changes
9696119842010-04-15 22:11:22 +0000 #5
Wade or good!
Feng Huang2010-04-15 21:56:18 +0000 #6
because Yao Ming is not, so fight off a sensation. Yao Ming will return to fight inside, will not fight off H's.
Ivers0n_2010-04-15 22:12:51 +0000 #7
can not, even the big Yao admitted the team's tactical systems currently do not fit him. Yao is a high center, if the current run and gun style of play, his speed, strength will not keep up.
Who am I Yuan Colombia2010-04-15 21:47:06 +0000 #8
No, too small cloth like to play fast-break
tttttttttgu2010-04-15 23:55:42 +0000 #9
not suitable. Rockets now play a major run and gun, fast. Yao Ming to play for position after the handover.
Aconite on the 1st2010-04-15 21:47:32 +0000 #10
not appropriate, small cloth too fast, and Yao Ming in the trench warfare in order to maximum advantage. But nothing from the end of the season near the trading day, the Rockets should have a great deal, of course, small does not should not be traded, most likely to be traded our beloved Tracy. In this regard, we can only wish Tracy McGrady can glow second spring. Rockets Tracy McGrady may be used for the Bulls Hinrich, Yao Ming, he is more suitable as the core of the rocket to play, so this need not worry. Also add that you and I should Rockets fans are loyal, let us wish Yao, wish Rockets won the championship as soon as possible! !



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