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How to Spring Training

Love5402704842010-04-15 22:10:27 +0000 #1
Training No, planning to do training on it, what time, with no group number?
▓ nothing was Jue love Ai ℡2010-04-15 22:13:35 +0000 #2
Hello -

When I first said to practice desire for attention

willpower mental state must maintain the best practice

practice every day when they have to say to myself will be able to successfully

Spring training methods, more practical:


First of all you have to master the method of jump, you jump when the toes force, and remember to tuck off the moment (this may at first be hard, but for a long time will naturally curl up), bring up the whole body, in particular, is the hands, jump up when the hands are too hard! off breathing to inhale, exhale after landing! refueling exercise it, apart from stressing the spring training, should focus on basketball practice!

Second, in addition to the big spring training methods other, more detailed practice you should pay attention to Aberdeen:

1, explosive power, you can practice this meter sprint, so good for calf muscles explosive, lots of practice, or 50 meters from 100 meters sprint it.

2, usually more than skipping a day, hundreds of thousands of sub-total jump. This is to reduce the fat, and increase the leg muscles increased sexual drive.

3,, step by step according to the training class on the Department must will be successful, believe it, there will be surprises to pay a return!!!

The key is to practice exercises leg muscles (thigh, calf) and calf's explosive ...

Oh, and then add you squat, put his hands behind, and then jump ladder, jump started a 2. and then slowly add up, so their feelings turn out to be pretty good, jumped on the stand, put your hands ... so natural ... there can also be practiced long jump, standing long jump and running long jump red, these details are the key to determine your Spring ah!!!

If you want to be jumping up people. . (I casually made under)

that is relatively better trained is my hair

Another point, do the time point of Europe and the United States can be put The song, a strong point: for example, LINKIN PARK, and can stimulate the body's potential.

There is also a positive way, such as heart, suggesting that the firm that they can complete!

Living habits: In addition, daily exercise is important:

get as much rope, shuttle run, and feel like the basket.

Usually in the most taboo smoking, drinking there all night, is causing injury to

other injuries is also a great hamper!

Diet: President of muscle training, eat more protein food;

daily insistence of milk, eggs, beans. Remember to eat more vegetables, very important!

Perseverance: The last point would like to insist, can not remember three days of fishing, and starts,

training no matter how good, does not adhere to mean wasted effort, we have it for six months as a unit.

Adhere to all of the above note for half a year to see how well their variable bounce!

One final point: study hard, serious life, cherish the time and love the people around! ! !
Kaiser Lin Na2010-04-15 22:59:42 +0000 #3
United States most famous vertical jump training program, Nerishige is expected to increase vertical jump ability from 20 to 30 cm or more, training process is hard, the whole process to 15 weeks. Put on the body asking for too much, you are advised the following plan: how to improve the Spring

1, Spring is the whole body strength, running speed, reaction speed, physical coordination, flexibility, a comprehensive reflection of the flexibility.

So we can not believe that increasing bounce all day long in jumping on the on the line. You have to stretch every day for your whole body's tendons, ligaments, muscles, expand the scope of joint activities, while doing complex help to improve physical coordination of gymnastics. Action to be accurate, beautiful, both power and ease.

Second, strength training is best arranged by a physical training instructor and counseling.

If your training is best carried out 2-4 times per week, the big strength training, safety training must be to avoid accidental injury. The so-called barbell strength training is the use of large-load exercise. The most commonly used typical three:

load Dunqi, the clean, snatch. In short, the higher the number of performance practice, the better your jumping ability.

The weight of each practice, group number, frequency, action specification and other issues, the principle is:

1, largest strength training at least twice a week, not more than four times the excess to give the body time to recover, but long carried out uninterrupted.

2, the best arrangements for each class to practice the above three methods. 3, to pay attention to a large force of trained movement specifications, must not recklessly. 4, small strength training is the use of a variety of comprehensive training equipment and dumbbells, and other training. Lightweight, group numbers and more frequently. Aim is to improve muscular endurance, thicker muscle fibers, reduced fat, little strength training exercises can change the garden every day, but do not and large strength training simultaneously. Whether big or small power strength training, a course of time not to delay the long, 1.5 to 2 hours is appropriate. Have strength but also a density.

3, speed training is to improve an important aspect of Spring.

Repeated sprint training is necessary. 30 times, 50 times, maybe 80 times, it depends on the spirit of your hardship. The so-called dash for your own rush forward at full speed after the preparatory activities, rather than in speed. Special speed training strength training with the same large, do not practice every day, every Wednesday hours. Special attention to the use of small; strength training means increased hamstring muscle group strength.

4, a variety of specialized means of spring practice is over, such as rope skipping, hurdle, touch the ring, touching on a small black box along, or even touch the backboard along.

Finally, I want to mention the nervous system and the relationship between the Spring. We already know that speed, strength, coordination, flexibility, flexibility, integrated these qualities down in an instant effect on the ground to produce Spring, then what is the quality of the outbreak in the moment while it? Is the motivation and motor nervous system. That is, if you really want to but above the highest of all, you have to try every means to make their own motor system to send out the strongest muscles of the impulse signal. This strong stimulus to force drastic contraction of muscles tremendous energy, muscle group movement severe contraction in turn causes more sensitive nervous system, can send a stronger impulse. The two promote each other, the more you jump higher. But it is also difficult in the difficult, not super motivated, super motor system does not impulse, all the so-called scientific, modernization, management, training methods and means are all nonsense. Finally, I wish you dream come true.

That's very detailed and also very professionally. Spring training is the most important aspect of daily life persist. In the training situation is different for each person, combined with their own situation should first select the appropriate practice form. Now I will open some of my personal experience, I hope you can help.

Spring plainly, is the explosive moment leg muscle size. Spring is the size of two to decide.

First, genetic factors, said the simple point is the length of one leg tendon. Tendon longer , usually bouncing the better. This factor is immutable.

2 is the day after the exercise, the exercise also points acquired two points.

1. is the power of explosive leg exercise

⑴ long way with practice.

squat, and here I have the load is carried the barbell. legs open, shoulder width, toes forward, the trunk should be straight after the power station can not be bent, chest rise, closing buttocks, from the side, the people trunk should be a slight bow to the crescent shape behind.

In doing this exercise should pay attention to several issues.

① in the squat, the knee joint to move forward, not valgus.

② in the squat, the just start to slow squatting, when Dundao thigh and surface normal, do not squat in the control of the speed of the whereabouts of the body naturally, using thigh joints and muscles so that the body quickly bounce, bounce the flash in the thigh from the top to force the barbell. Here is the key, if not quickly bounce feeling squatting, exercise is futile.

⑵ explosive leg exercise.

toes practice, this exercise two types.

① foot toes

To Find a practice steps, one leg standing, and can only stand to step foot before the edge of the hand to hold on to things, to maintain balance, but the hand can not be forced. At this time, put one leg up and down the heel of the movement.

② load weight-bearing exercise toes

here is that the bar, move one foot above the toes of basic exercises with the same difference is that here is one leg but not the feet. To note that this exercise. When doing exercises, side must have two individuals do to protect, you ensure that your body balance and security.

These two exercises should also note that when the body fell to the lowest point, the leg force, then, should have bounce feeling.

2. jumps practice

practice jumps is very important, he can teach you how to jump can jump higher. but also can teach you the high jump at the same time how to protect themselves.

⑴ off action

① off approach.

run-up off of the two legs of the division of labor is different, one leg is a take-off leg, the other is swinging leg. When the approach end, we must take off, the take-off leg hard stomp, swing leg and knee force, This is the force on the pendulum arms.

② open spot off

legs shoulder width, toes and knees should move forward, first squat, and then his legs hard stare, this is also on the arms pendulum.

⑵ landing after landing buffer buffer

is very important, if the buffer is not good, is easy to concussion foot, ankle, knee. our many outstanding young basketball players are not good because of the buffer, resulting in not treatment of injury, and early withdrawal of a sports career.

① foot buffer

in the landing, as much as possible to avoid the entire sole, the first ball of your foot to the ground, and then foot force. This avoids ankle concussion.

② knee while landing buffer

foot, knee bent, the body squat, leg force control of the body, but not excessive squat. This avoids knee concussion.

③ waist buffer

foot landing the same time, tighten the waist, slightly curved. This avoids the spine, the concussion.

no matter the strength of the thigh or lower leg strength can not do every day, if it is to do high intensity, no time to do exhaustive of all level is 1 week 2 or 2 weeks to do 3 times.

I for the intensity of the following questions.

1. Each barbell is the best, you can load a maximum weight of 2 / 3 best. The number should be doing is just exhausted after the group finished 6 for the best.

2. has not finished a set and immediately do 10 high jump or tuck jump, then ran the full 30 meters.

This is some of my training, experience sharing. only for your reference.
9434667712010-04-15 23:28:37 +0000 #4
can not think quick, simple, buy sand bags every day tied, removed some time ago, whole body will feel relaxed, thus high jump, but you better not try if the small, 16 years after the.



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