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Basketball dribbling skills in test

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left hand dribble uncoordinated
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basketball dribbling the ball in the basketball training and competition is important, it allows players:

In the can not pass to a teammate Attack the ball forward; the ball to move to a more favorable position to pass to a teammate; or wait for the ball when his teammates are in place then control the ball; his dribble to the hoop direction and complete the shot or layup. Do not dribble too much, however, also important. If you dribble too much competition will lead to four other teammates can see you standing there, thus losing basketball team movement advocated the spirit of cooperation, Erju dribble Bijiao slow (to the ball faster passing the ball to the hoop direction). You should learn how to dribble, but also should learn when to dribble (when to pass).

Should dribble with your fingers, not palm. Preferably not more than waist high dribble (so easier to control the ball). Dribble when the wrist to relax, with the downward movement patted extrusion, rather than beating action. To train two hands can skillfully dribble. Dribble in place before beginning to learn, Proficiency can walk around while dribbling. Do not dribble too much when you consider the speed, the first technology to master the ball good luck. Move in after dribbling techniques to master, and then began to gradually increase the speed until at full speed. To how fast you can comfortably dribble to the standard.

Dribble should be made payable to constantly observe the field conditions. If the dribble only bow watch, it is easy to steal the ball opponents, but also do not see in a good position teammates, and even easier to shoot at the location between the do not know.

Controlled dribble dribble when you are not only difficult to pass, they can not fast forward, or when you observe the ground situation and prepare pass or shot, they should use controlled dribble. In the knee to waist high dribble. And bend your knees, leaning forward, this allows you to easily control the ball, but also easy and quick speed. The arm not involved in dribbling should be stretched outward flexion of the elbow and to maintain a balance, but also to prevent opponents around.

Fast dribble the ball you have to fast into the market before the time of course, a quick dribble. At this point the body should lean forward to hit the ball slightly in front of a high dribble slightly higher, between the chest and waist. The body is on the direction of movement, eyes observe the audience.

Dribbling speed dribble to break through opponents defensive players can dribble with speed (of course, can also be used to sudden changes or other false movements). In addition to changing the speed dribble dribble speed requirements, but also to change the dribble height. Close rival with a small stride, and then suddenly accelerated (pace has increased), and to dribble down to knee height position, fast break forward. Speed dribble need a lot of practice to use effectively.


basketball post moves method is a spectacular sporting events, many people not only like to sit in front of the screen or stadium bleachers to enjoy the scene of fierce contention, superb game, the players fit and graceful, Tee off and be happy to visit the stadium. However, many people on the pitch for a run up to feeling a little awkward, uncoordinated, and even some well-trained athletes in track and field running beautiful pose to the basketball court, lost past chic style, running the rigid, clumsy.

The reason is that the characteristics of basketball players running most of the way forward towards the body inconsistent with:

no offensive players running the ball the direction is always toward the goal of "basket" or a certain tactical areas, and the eyes are always watching "ball" in order to maintain readiness to attack the ball position; athletes to use the body when running top, squeeze rivals to protect the ball, or running at any time by changing the direction to get rid of opponents; defensive players is usually running his back to the ball and the opponent, to the rear and side rear body to do the cross step sideways running. This can not be as simple as running the pursuit of speed, as track and field, running backs straight, toe back board, the upper body is on the way forward.

But a basketball player to use a special method of running :

upper body sideways to the direction of movement of a side head-shoulder to lean forward [to the top face of the ball or shoulder squeeze competitors], so that the body center of gravity low and toward the front, feet a foot hard part is usually inside front feet, the other foot on the outside before the soles of the feet and toes to effectively seize the ground, legs hard as possible to maintain the level of the turn positive after the kicking and leg before the cross, so that big stride low center of gravity, which kind of position to move stop, change direction with ease, running in the arc to maintain a faster pace to meet the needs of basketball basketball

ball-point break and the break is a basketball skill. If the athletes in the race targeted, sometimes continuous use of breakthrough technology and sub-ball and it organically linked, would form an effective excellent technology.

Using a breakthrough in the following areas:

1, using breakthrough in reducing the scope of the other defense to the team and create opportunities for long-range shot.

During the competition, when the other person with defense, and the height on the other side there are advantages and difficulties of the side members basket scores, there is no chance in the long-range shot, the offensive players should be consciously and decisively break layup or Tupofenqiu with destination to rival Jixiang the basket, forcing opponents narrow area defense, and timely follow-up or pass the ball around to no defensive players Cohesion Department. This Tupofenqiu tactics is not to score the basket, but peer in order to create opportunities for long-range shot.

Second, targeted break, forcing the other core players foul.

When one player on the defensive, the offensive players should be targeted and purposeful line towards the other core players on defense Breakthrough, "funny" when in defensive foul, especially when the other core members of three or four fouls should take the initiative to post more of their defensive line towards the ball break to force the other core players foul, to achieve the other core players sent off five foul purpose. If the other key players in three or four fouls, to take "prudent" defense, then the offensive player despite the bold attack, allowed to exist in name only, took the opportunity to score.

3, when the other team seven times, the use of the ball breaking, resulting in a foul, to win the right to free throws.

Half-time in each game, the Dang defensive player, especially yes free throws hit rate of the team Ying Huo De 以 cause opposite party foul ball to break layup or Tupofenqiu destination. There is a breakthrough defense, there are defense is likely to foul. When the defending side a foul, the offensive once the ball was right, so not only can get more scoring opportunities, more importantly, psychologically, emotionally defensive side of the defense can disrupt the system, so timid, afraid to be defending .

4, using break to force the other to change tactics.

During the competition, often times needed by the other half the audience of Man to Man or Man to Man defense tactics, especially in the case came from behind to bear is the common tactic to avoid marking the. When the other side pressed for marking defense, the offensive players should be spread out to attract the other defender. Ball, good team player or a breakthrough technology to be bold Tupofenqiu or directly layup, only turns to the other party without account for lower breakthrough when the other party will change its defensive tactics.

In addition, there is consumption of other physical Tupofenqiu role. Crucial breakthrough in the other defensive fouls result, you can get on to the team coaches to provide opportunities to pause.



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