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4021551172010-04-15 23:12:19 +0000 #1
Height 180cm Weight 85 kg or so. Ye Hao playing for years but recently has not been feeling grow. Ago because of the high jump inside it into the (amateur play) into the inside now because of the strong. But I do not want to play inside can dribble, no anti-air defense in the cast was almost hit (four or so) one-third no, breakthrough is strong by eating the body, passing good sense, not only the tactical play with also know very much like to lay a little specific professional before point. . .
zxhdhr1232010-04-15 23:27:41 +0000 #2
1 do not always want to score, pass to the positive, so that you exercise, but also to help others progress, and only then, will pass to your partner, so after 2 months Your shooting and passing will be progress.

2 can try to play more games with more than college students, enhance physical fitness through games, learning experience, human experience, and soon, you had to face opponents with age, you will become cope with ease. 3 Do not forget to diligently practiced, you can play with the others during the day and night to practice with one to two hours to cast and layup (if your parents agree to it).

Hope, a year later, you can be successful. May not take a year Yo!

First introduces the characteristics of a small forward: "What is the all-rounder?"

Speaking of all-around player in basketball is that small forward, inside and outside the field of good shots and dribbling, and other technology is also very skilled. Therefore we can say the role of the other 4 people can play, in the sense of the venue's most basketball players.

First of all, in the attack, the small forward to shooting scores in the strength fight and strike a balance. You must first sharpen his physique and muscle, in the high can not be a disadvantage against the competition, but also more fixed-point shooting and fouled practice, adhere to vote a week to almost 300 baskets.

Second, the small forward is usually responsible for steals and rebounds. Therefore, a small forward movement demands quickly and agile, bouncing full. So you have to grab boards and steals more practice, and peers in higher grades of competition or confrontation exercise their own!

Again, many players can act as small forward and shooting guard and can also play the two position players commonly known as "swing man", you can try a guest back, looking at the outside shots, like rockets Tracy McGrady can also play two positions, and offensive power are strong, have good organizational skills.

Also, you should be trapped in the future, remember that no matter what position to play, its hard to practice the most important, we must pay attention and exercise their mental qualities, in the contest to improve their own!

Short small forward to attack a good guard, you have to redouble our efforts to Yo!
Favorites howard2010-04-15 23:47:55 +0000 #3
you're like me, I am also a big one, the school I played C, small front, the most balanced of a team player, Pippen, versatile, and Prince, tissue, and McGrady , score type, you would like to make what? actually small front in the race has become increasingly comprehensive, and should be post moves, pull the space, there must be a basket, to a certain period of time assume the responsibility of dribble, how I say, to lay the small front, it is important that comprehensive technical, a certain sense, professional approach I do not have that same fate Xianglian Hey
enteryou092010-04-16 00:11:34 +0000 #4
Yaoda small forward, dribble just can not enough, better than before OK, the best is good enough to when the guard, but can reduce the points required. One-third to practice, small forward is basically outside, there is no third hand, you want to break difficult to have enough space. Also, small forward must be technology-round, you used to be playing inside, and do not know how to turn around and kind of technology, small forward should have the ability to turn around and eat alone, so on the tactical change is also very useful.



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