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My legs are fine,, good upper body strength is not enough leg strength, and how to improve bounce?

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I feel tall and 183 normal age of 16 is too crude a leg does not look good no how leg strength training too .. so now we can only touch the rim a little more bounce .. How can I improve? From now on, I still have a chance to dunk exercise Why? ? ?
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most popular jump training program for the United States, Nerishige is expected to increase vertical jump ability from 20 to 30 cm or more, training process is hard, the whole process to 15 weeks.

For every action project, if a movement to make three groups, rest between the groups can not exceed 2 minutes, if completed, be made directly to the next project, remember to take a break! !

First: squat jumps to 1, the beginning, squat to? Position, hands placed on the front,

2, up jumped off the ground at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. The ground, the completion time.

Next, simply repeat the above steps! ! !

Rapid increase in Spring Training Course 2

second: lift toes (toes)

1. First, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, then only the toes on top, not the heel or in Dianzhe

2. Carried to the highest point of toe 3. Then gradually go, and complete a. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 3

Third: the steps to 1. To find a chair, placed one foot is entered, a 90 degree

2. Make every effort to jump open for feet in the air, in a chair, 3. repeat 2, the original take-off foot back chair, complete another jump.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 4 Fourth: jump to 1. Legs straight, and shoulder width, "lock" your knees ...

2. Just use your leg jump, only can bend your feet Guo, bend the knee as much as possible ... 3. to the ground when, then quickly take off, complete a ...

This is a very difficult, you can help your hands off ...

fast Spring Training Course to improve 5 to the fifth: toe jump to 1. the toes lifted to the highest point, to 2. tiptoe rapid take-off, the dancers must not exceed 1.5 or 2.5cm

Leapfrog practice is necessary, for the Spring be helpful to increase, as it is a way of training forces. In addition, there are other ways.

The first method is the most effective, and also the most difficult, and can improve in a short time you bounce. Specifically: Wage Keng, about one meter deep. Your legs tied up five pounds of sand bags, jumped into the pit. Try to load from the pit, leaping out of the case. After half a month, will pit deepening of 20 cm, while the increase of 2-3 kg load, continued to practice. This cycle can not be the last to load, or leaping from the pit when the practice must stop. Lifting load, and then try to jump how high.

The second method, the effect is not very obvious, but easy to implement. Specific methods: ankle, tied a rubber band, standing vertical jump. Daily exercise and a half hours. But I feel that this approach ineffective.

I wish you good luck in the future sports star!

To develop explosive power, must increase the muscle contraction forces and working distance, reducing work time, strength training, to small mechanical load for fast movement, without reducing its speed, gradually Zengda load increases Muscle Strength . Just said to use "bear cast" technology moves fall opponents, mainly by increasing muscle contraction force explosive. Increase the power of technology to enhance the ability to control, so in normal training, not only the technical efforts, but also particularly in such explosive growth, efforts to improve the speed of muscle contraction. Practice shows that high-intensity explosive was the essential element to improve performance. How to improve it so explosive? (A) load and speed change. (B) to strengthen professional and technical training to improve muscle control and movement to relax before the ability to send forces. (C) the initial muscle length, only the lengthening of the muscle contraction speed and force only. (D) after the forces to practice relaxation exercises.

In the explosive power of the factors, forces play a leading role, it helps increase the power of explosive development. But by no means explosive power. That is a real war can not have the power of technology to good use. The explosive force of a judo athlete must pass the basic strength and speed, technology, combining the sensitivity of coordination in order to play. Some people can lift very heavy barbell, but a wrestling on to die, specifically the lack of specific strength. Judo players fight, they need power, but also the speed, but also endurance, strength of some of our athletes do not feel bad, the key is the special ability and fast power difference. Attention should be paid in future training efforts in a move to increase special forces on the basis of specific strength.

Development efforts should pay attention to the problem:

(a) loads. Facts show that only under a certain weight Tiaojian strength training, can make the power is increased and the use of strength training with different loads, the effect of different, so in training vary, reasonable arrangements for load.

(B) the excess recovery. The energy consumption of a large number of campaign materials, campaign stop, catabolism of secondary importance, energy and material synthesis began to recover more than the original material and energy content of the body.

(C) training interval. Practice has shown that strength training in order to repeat the best, because the strength of growing faster, and stop training faded fast.

(D) age and gender. Strength training the same person, at different ages react differently, men and women the size of the power values are also very different.

Both men and women, strength training as long as they insisted on the maintenance and development of power quality with good results.

First, the most important thing is you are longing for a dunk `
Second, you have to live in resistance to the lonely, to eat the bitter` to persevere.

Third, you must feel confident and believe they can do it! Historically, many Shorty dunk of `such as small potatoes Weber, 170 or even less` hands Left-hand dunk champion `2000 session of the National 175. in the United States, 175 tall, can dunk a lot of people` While Europe and the United States Constitution is indeed a very strong `but Through appropriate training can be achieved. our school had an American student named Matthew, we may know more fat is not very high `` But he can grasp the basket off spot.

Fourth, dunk is not your the ultimate goal of `exercise, brings the power and beauty, giving the feeling of flying. of course you have to kind of hi

Huan flying feeling.

Fifth, if you are less than 170, of course you can not afford to dream of the standard deduction 3.05 the basket, because people always have ultimate `` `You're not just days to go and they can not specialized training. but can deduct 2.9-2.95 around the hoop, the hoop is so high most of the`

of course, on the streets for. except the gym.

7, a good pair of basketball shoes and fully protected. 8, time and energy to practice, not afraid of boring.

9, with a bunch of friends, the support and participation, this is very important There are several good bounce with the best play. 10, can be trained to fly one-handed flying drive and desire. desire to be the first.

2, all aspects of the specific physical requirements

1, this process probably continued `But a few years it normally pay attention to physical exercise, hobbies and sports` proper training can completely within 1 year -2 years, can dunk, giving a dunk at least you can feel, you can see the majesty of flight. Remember to continuous exercise, but not every day you have `` a certain time each week to maintain `normal life should pay attention to the training effect of` 2, body fat and less to maintain. generally do not have regular exercise `The key issue is when you start may not be true, but it does not matter` 3, love of sports not just basketball, track and field if you go to practice, you do not feel useless or irrelevant, or even refused. 4, when necessary, can use a vacation (summer vacation the best) to specialized training from morning to night non-stop `. This seems a bit BT, but soon you will find yourself able to adapt and tiring day, but always ever use force. 5, I believe I said these words of `useless if you think you can leave immediately. 6, best swim, and is willing to go to the gym, or the way they want to .7, dunk allows you to self-confidence, but remember not to use this higher than those who despise you `higher than you want to know more than you will practice this is easy. Everyone has their own strengths and potential.

8,` This is not to affect the learning to learn something other than `you can be sure Even if you can dunk also can not enter the professional team, you have to rely on learning .9, entertaining, do not worry see their results, adhere to and maintain, you will gradually see the results, particular attention to "plateau response" to this both during the learning process in any such practice guitar, piano, doing so `Orsay, will first .10, with the basketball court to be positive, and good at imitating stars action.

3, the implementation process (sub-paragraphs )

When you start from the first day, we take it as a part of life, not three days of fishing. Do not be afraid of his practice of fail, even if the training can not, then do not upset `Because you learned in the process of far more than dunk itself much more.

(1) Basketball Exercise:

dunk is playing basketball for the `how to play basketball now to talk about the issue. basketball is a collective project, it must be clear. but many of our basketball-loving friends have neglected this point `` independent thought he played it alone and were not allowed to play the `` `This is wrong no matter who a person is no substitute for a group. Perhaps you can handle the basketball shots` But this is not fun, everyone happy is the most fun . Do not feel that they played well, and even to despise other people will not mind to hit the `key. literacy is the first, a hit 3 years but the technology is to keep up a good fight the bad 6 years of technology `This is a fact, because the most important basketball sense, experience is also very important to the understanding of` not the same in basketball. Do not feel that they play is to go to war, we must start shopping with others, tolerance, wisdom, let you have made a point not `learned a lot fewer friends. know that you can play street basketball and even the official dunk contest `` will be your weapon.

(layup) to dunk, first Shanghao basket. Here Many noted that `` a lot of people are quasi-layup `but` this is not high jump useful in actual combat, but for our dunk `no use. of course, the ball being very important. layup points lower hand and master, we have taken expert layup Low hand is used in other places.

Exercise 1. Master layup from the middle two sides, alternating layup `10` each jump with a best practice `` repeatedly until you can jump the highest point in your office to also sent the ball in the hands of the highest point, this can make up for your height, you can increase your ability to hover. This is the basis of `the usual practice, we should pay attention to this request layup. you have to follow all the standard layup . Note that the focus must be in place before taking off the legs off, so conducive to the outbreak. more attempts `to own feeling is the same as riding off a strong spring. this feeling will ultimately lead to fly you have the same feeling. more practice layups. practice 2. The bottom line layup `` But asked if the former admitted to the side handle basketball hoop, remember not to be afraid of not `Do not be afraid to drop it into the` basket ball should have been left in the hands until it rose to the highest point shot before . Exercise 3. hit the ball rebounds, and asked if the former `premise is you have to touch the backboard, this should take into account the bounce of the issue, speaking in the following spring practice. layup goal is to rebound the basketball at the highest point when the hand Do not let go on pushing to the backboard. repeatedly so, give yourself a specific target `example of today's lower edge in rebounds, had time to see whether they improve the paragraph? practice 4. distance layup must be gradual, beginning off distance from the backboard into the `point` then gradually increase the standard of basketball you can send as normal layup under the basket. Pay attention to your posture, be sure to stretch, unrestrained. this is not urgent `is a slow process, perhaps you do not jumping yet to match the `blind` to increase the distance that would make you develop bad habits layup `action will be deformed. but from time to time to try far more than the distance between the original experience of what is also necessary to` feeling This action will let you bind themselves. until one day you can fine-point line in a low hand layup in the first 4 points on jump shots master layup. to get to the basketball hoop. Pay attention to your actions, Takeoff To experience the feeling to fly. Exercise 5. around the box exercise, is off to one side, anti-hook layup, the air felt as before.

more than 5 exercises is the most basic exercises, you can train your flight endurance capacity and the body's control, and the layup of coordination, do not remember the ball shot up the place do not `of course Zhe Yang's game against Richang You certainly impact. but you learn to Ziji Tiaojie. Zhexielianxi and shooting to the same Guan Chuan Yu your basketball exercises. of course you can also find similar ways of training, many people learn in practical exercises. necessary that you learn some of basketball superstar Yao Duo's Dongzuo `good` Although Buyidingzuo the place to do `But the repeated training of these difficult actions can develop your coordination, flexibility, jumping, etc. You can also have added basketball` ornamental. layup must have the desire.

(dribbling, defense, shooting, etc.) `
dribble very important other than for actual combat in the dunk to open for you to buckle Article Road,` You always have some extraordinary and dribbling. but the core issues under discussion and not associate it spent `in` speak later in the article.

(rebounds) is conducive to bounce and bounce some sense `will explain.

(2) Bounce bounce special exercise

do not dunk is not conceivable,Unless you and afterward, as high as Yao Ming. Slam dunk for the fact that we seek is a display of jumping and flying posture of the United States in the pursuit. Here divided into 2 parts, part of a combination of `independent of basketball in the basketball.

A. independent of basketball.

1. sprint and long jump. This is two very important `a good sprinter must be a considerable strength of the long jumper. speed is also a pleasure. In the dunk, the shares of four muscles and the gastrocnemius The contraction is the strongest, while sprint and long jump in practice this is a good means of two quick explosive. We usually physical ah `spare time to practice the two. Dash: 30 meters, 50 meters sprint, 100 meters do not need to the. But as all-round development or necessary attention to realize that `sprint two muscle contraction` must do all. sprinter to run frequently run time `but` not very long to maintain a certain tension in the muscles and improve the training

helpful. Long Jump: standing long jump, must use the full experience of `particular attention to muscle contraction. sprint jump, pay attention to speed and jump start the feeling when the center leg, take off your Achilles tendon when you feel pulled extreme. leapfrog : General 20 meters, 4 `can be put forth after the kick down after basketball practice, when you are tired of these very easy to practice` But do not over improve. . Achilles tendon length practice we all know very influential on the bounce, if the practice is mainly in front of the thigh strength training `then the following is the training of the gastrocnemius and Achilles tendon load toes:` or you have to leg it fast must be easy to thicken `feel` the Achilles tendon is stretched to the maximum and have a sense of course, not to tear really. General gym equipment such `If not, you can do it yourself. Most to a certain time step can be to do both toes stepped on stage, and the rest do not step, do toes.

Loading another outbreak of the jump squat, generally 10 or so a group of `8 groups. One foot jump, one leg 30, in turn 8 group. Requirements or `feel old Achilles tendon stretching. Single leg squat up and toes again, this is very difficult leg strength `and so you can do to a certain extent can` static exercise thigh and calf.

These exercises do not particularly `normal life, but you must always do and like` look, this will be effective. 3. Fat consumption and combat strength exercises

Swimming: This is the best way to quickly burn fat, you can try running in shallow water, so that girls can be very good try. Of course, every day to swim on a summer tour, this should be as a required course, and they can see more beautiful cool! Fitness: from the traditional sense, that the more light the better the power is very important `` But he can not protect you were injured in the confrontation. Appropriate to exercise such as bench press load so `on sprint and layup increased the power of the outbreak is very good. The best boxing, you can fully mobilize the whole body, especially waist. Waist is very important force on the bounce. Stayed in the air and bounce and stretch from your waist power and control. Waist special exercises: sitting, swivel, her own seat, load from the waist, against the practice, flat leg raise both arms to support the vertical legs and body so very good.

B. and basketball-related quality of practice.

1. `Ball court and from the dash can be a back and forth. Rest before continuing.

2. Himself or others, please drop sprint the ball to the basket, there is sufficient distance point The run-up time and then catch the ball airborne layup. Remember do not wait for you to catch a layup and then asked people to throw, so the best way to practice his throwing `help coordinate the pace of practice. more try, I gradually also adapted to the so-called `empty then, but higher than that required high 3. backboard practice: their own board and then drop off ball` attention to the requirements of bouncing off, but the real war that is not valid. to do so just to practice jumping.

4. ★ The most important one is the Mogao `can practice the formwork formwork box can touch you touch the box to give ourselves a standard` and `attention to keep the game off the top center of gravity must move forward to experience the feeling of gliding `If the last hand is not hitting the board, the highest point of the` fixed but were holding off flac `glide to the board, as it must be filled in into your practice, this is the core. takeoff requirements and previous the same.

Well, here be completed preparations for a dunk `These are the basics, but not you practice the success of` will definitely have to learn how to train, to greatly improve the quality of their own particular `bounce. The training course, and basketball can be combined to complete the best. sprinter These links can be the basis of their training at home, dormitory corridor can be. If you are not serious training accident, then you should be able to reach 80CM jumping over, basically to try dunk. before the dunk and most important point is that sports injury treatment and protection.

dunk the most common injuries are as follows:

1. ankle sprain: This is very common and normal to basketball is also to protect `We all know how protect me not to say.

2. wrists broken arm: very common, some people can hand in the basket is very easy to create cards with fractures, there was some learning results of Carter's arm injury is not linked to light ` Remember not learned not to walk before crawling. Start button to note that, not excitement. this time the most vulnerable to injury.

3. and others collide: as you jump high, the momentum big `and others were injured in a collision is very easy `it is not a last resort people for a long time not to buckle in, their own entertainment look like a` girl next to this unless I support! 4. `was jealous or show off in front of people was playing hurt, it is necessary to hold their own sense of propriety, do not to show off and contempt in front of other people `This was emphasized.
` Well, dunk started training the following:

1. choose its own right height to dunk deduction of brittle `at least over the basket 15CM , but generally if 5CM if to grasp the good can be caused by dunk the illusion of `This is enough (this 5CM refers to the ball below over the hoop 5CM, if a finger, then it will definitely drop box, and control is good,` If you to half of the palm of the hand-off box can be deducted)

2. beginning to find that the hoop around 2.8 buckle, because you have more than enough of this high. is `hard to find this box can find some primary schools, or some antique-class basket smashed the sagging box to understand, can afford to buy their own school boards regulate `(highly recommended, many American children dunk is so practiced). In this high you can experience a variety of postures just like learning any` things like `the more simple things to do. Do not pull box` as dangerous. At this altitude you can experience the feeling of flying, etc. With such a foundation you can go higher after the basket on the attempt.

3. Chang Shi `a group of several friends to empty. and` artificial obstacles to the movement dunk attempt after the `find` and so skilled friends to do activities target to guard you mean to Le Bu Yao Zhi Yao Zhenzhengzuai Ni `in which case Lian Xi. now basically ok.

4. tall friends, paying particular attention to their jumping height and extent of unrestrained action, and difficulty. or your meaningless dunk. nothing. a 190 dunk over nothing, not worth showing off. Again A trained 180-185 3 meters basket is not surprising. so tall in real effort Movements. short friend can dunk you very bad, as long as the jump button on the `must be fine. you most Note that `the protection of individuals prone to injury because the short man special. you should be in most need their time to show a` slam dunk that you will remember a hero.
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long distance to long distance only to lose the leg meat

be carried out after training to increase muscle strength

183 you have the chance to work hard, but only 16 years old can explore the next point
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a great gift for your downstairs is pretty good plan that bounce the ball in the street I read it I advise you not to do because you are 16 years old that will let you load too much around the age of 20 Zhang Bugao do your best to play some basketball though this is an inevitable slow rise will not affect your body In fact, you should not just limit bouncing so much I am now 17 years old to touch the backboard height of 1.70 from the basket so sometimes I jump up even worse 3CM board are less than sometimes I feel almost from the basket just a matter of fact most are not state issues Jumping is good since sometimes you can not jump well to consult some of the methods Tiaode Gao who is better off As is often so after basketball + bounce higher after the touch like a particularly good way nothing major you did not factor in the adult body to protect too many
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training leg strength,
and the world to compete2010-04-16 01:30:20 +0000 #6
back bar running the way I practice, I like you, high



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