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When can butt Basketball

Happy nerve B2010-04-16 00:11:14 +0000 #1
to defensive and offensive points. What is the best strategy
Yan Fan 7242010-04-16 00:27:14 +0000 #2
Most of the time in the offensive, especially in the low singles inside, you can rely on each other's right to use the back squeeze inwards, or direct lean back, because the other party can not Top your hand, so basically as long as not too lose power, the offensive use of this technology is very effective, do not know if that is not hit. This collision is reasonable.

Also requested the shot off when the status is, if the other party is also closed off to you, you can also choose to hit him, you can fool most foul, but you have to decide how accurate this thing hit, basically his usual play not use this method, and confiscation of good power easily injured, others not of their own good.

There are If you fast-break layup, other people while chasing side of the block you or back side of the border, you can jump to him, would lie a foul, do not know if it is not hit.

Defense, do not have the initiative to butt the Oh
7935843632010-04-16 00:27:53 +0000 #3
when not to butt to hit the foul!
Large explosion2010-04-16 01:07:24 +0000 #4
collision zone can butt in a reasonable, as long as the referee can not see can easily hit ... ...
﹑ sadly ahead2010-04-16 01:28:00 +0000 #5
fight when
pro-one to tell you2010-04-16 02:26:05 +0000 #6
you want to butt hit lightly on their own to find someone
ke1250064372010-04-16 03:04:29 +0000 #7
offensive fouls to manipulate the defense case, should look at two cases: first the other stations, other stations if a reasonable collision zone, you can create fouls; If the collision zone, and opponents should not be a positive collision, sideways collision Sometimes sub-offensive foul, and sometimes sentenced to defensive foul, as the case may be.



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