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Jumping on my

Neural Somalia turn thieves2010-04-17 04:10:14 +0000 #1
my height 176CM, wingspan 170 [hand short]

I were lazy, never practiced strength training.

Now can jump more than 90 feet

hop 110
street-life2010-04-17 04:22:46 +0000 #2
that the most simple way is the United States in a spring training method is one after another, stretches his legs at attention , maximum paving the toes, repeat, with the feeling of Arab Spring that there is other ways I feel unrealistic, this long as we persist, the number of times per day, as the number of shots Kobe Bryant as a day training, I believe help on the bounce, I just, I wish you success!
Huawunai2010-04-17 04:45:02 +0000 #3
actually do not find QQ group, my personal recommendation ah: Spring training is in fact the most effective way to weight training. Find a sandbag tied to their feet, and then can be jogging and jumping, and other training methods. Or jumping rope can be, mainly to persevere. Many methods are very hard you do not need to give up. About a month can raise a lot of jumping around!
Xaykk4angle2010-04-17 04:45:09 +0000 #4
187 spring looks like I am worse than you! ! To buckle! ! ! Your bounce count is superior to it! ! ! Hing Wah Street West can try more feet! ! Hing Wah Street West feet again! Bounce this stuff too slowly! ! ! ! Summer is willing to jump more comfortable now! ! ! !
Wang Zunnan children2010-04-17 05:46:15 +0000 #5
bouncing and body muscles and the coordination of the many, not only training the leg muscles on it. First of all, that control the velocity of lower leg, thigh control of hopping height, waist control stayed in the air. Bounce Gaobu Gao is to look at a person can put their muscles in an instant to burst out! Tell you a simple way Tigao abdominal strength before going to sleep in the abdominal pressure a dictionary or other book to the book a little weight, and stick to Ban hours. Improve the leg muscles in the legs tied sandbags in normal times, when you tie a month, remove and explosive bounce, obviously, explosive exercises can sprint, remember that in the sprint to the outbreak of all the forces out there over time the effectiveness of the. In fact, these are just some simple way, to really enhance the need for hard spring practice, the world is not an easy thing to do, and not look people in the field so chic Bryant actually behind the scenes than most people even tired several times, so in order to really enhance the spring must make painstaking efforts. There is a man jumping through lots of practice, not born, although there will be differences between races. Analogy example, if your bounce always high is 100CM, you do not practice in before you can jump 40CM. But this definition does not include those BT people.



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