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Atlanta Hawks history of the team record

Bryant 6 crown to be2010-04-17 16:11:27 +0000 #1
Details Thank you.
raybin9102010-04-17 16:20:59 +0000 #2
entry screening: Dominique Wilkins, 882 field.

Playing time: Dominique Wilkins, 32,545 minutes.

Score: Dominique Wilkins, 23 292 points.

Rebounds: Bob Pettit, 12 849.

Assists: Doc Rivers, 3866.

Steal: Mujibulai Locke, 1321.

Cap: Terry Rawlings, 2283.
Jinqizhun2010-04-17 16:21:36 +0000 #3
franchise history】 【accession of Eagles 1949, is the oldest NBA's 17 teams.

Team formerly known as Tri-Cities Blackhawks, is the Mississippi River by a total of three cities. In 1951, the team moved to Milwaukee and renamed the Milwaukee Hawks. However, this failed to bring good luck, the team spent five very bleak season, has not changed the status of the Western bottom.

In 1955, the Hawks have both bid farewell to two NBA teams Milwaukee, came to St. Louis and quickly "become rich." In 1956, the core team Bob - Petit (Bob Pettit) and Jack - Coleman (Jack Coleman) with the Hawks into the playoffs. The Hawks have only won two games, 1 min, 2-1 victory over the Lakers tough, Sharu the Western Finals. The Hawks opponent is the Detroit Pistons, they bang under the first two cities, Detroit has Lianban tenacious three bureaus, and hopefully the Hawks eliminated. Also in that year, the Hawks missed a great player - Bill - Russell (Bill Russell). Discerning Celtics coach "Red Lord," Auerbach (Auerbach) with Ed - Macaulay (Ed Macauley) and Cliff - Hagen (Cliff Hagan) for taking the Hawks rookie selected Russell. 1957, Hawks and has Russell's Celtics in the Finals in the meet. Both in strength, played in seven Board for a dedicated audience the history of the most exciting NBA Finals. Deciding game at the last minute, Pettit with two pointers, the Celtics into overtime; then Coleman's goals in turn dragged into the second overtime Celtics . Unfortunately, the Hawks players did not have the last laugh, they are a distance away from the championship trophy is only a mere 2 points.

The next year, which foes meet in the old place again. Despite the injury in the body of Russell to do whole body solution technique, the Hawks are still outstanding with Pettit and other players play, the total score will be 4-2 victory over the Celtics. Revenge of the success of the Hawks finally out of a foul smells, the only time in history to win the team championship.

1959, the Celtics won 8 consecutive, NBA entered the Celtic era. Although the Hawks in 1960 and 1961 Finals twice, but had not delivered. Depressed unsuccessful Hawks never again does not appear in the final of the arena.

1965, the Hawks sent away generation hero Pettit, in his 11 professional seasons, 10 NBA first team selection, two times of the year MVP, 4-time All-Star Game MVP, and for the team championship contributions towards. The following year, the Hawks welcomed a core player "Pistol Pete" Lu - Hudson (Lou Hudson). The team moved to Atlanta in 1968, renamed the Atlanta Hawks. Although the frequent team playoffs, but no gains.

1982, "the essence of human film," Dominique - Wilkins (Dominique Wilkins) to join the Hawks. Diligent in the game, while leading the recovery team.

1986, the Hawks scored the history of the most talented stars and a few players together, the Hawks re-sent back to the ranks of top teams in the NBA. 1993, the famous coach Lenny - Wilkens (Lenny Wilkens) White Eagles, made the team becoming one of the best team in NBA defense. Meanwhile, Wilkens has become the most NBA coaching victory screening.

Since 1999, the team record fell again, still unable to enter the playoffs door. 06-07 season, Joe Johnson and Wang Ying Wang dunk team, led by Smith recovery.

In 2008, the Hawks finally for the first time in the new century into the playoffs, in a group of young players, led by an eagle recovery.


1949-51 Tri-Cities Blackhawks (Tri-Cities Blackhawks)

1951-55 Milwaukee Hawks (Milwaukee Hawks)

1955-68 St. Louis Hawks (St. Louis Hawks)

1968 - this Atlanta Hawks (Atlanta Hawks)

by title Year: 1958



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