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Rocket the most important issue. . . .

Optional Kai Jiang2010-04-17 18:10:21 +0000 #1
Rockets lost to the Pacers at home 115:125 lose is useless I think we all agree that this view of the parties to the media after the game and so-called experts regarded the buck to the Rockets inside but inside I do not think so data can tell the players to score inside the rocket to be far more than the total rebounds over opponents and rivals also won three more blocked shots than the opponents field performance for the only two competitors Fangbu Zhu Rockets good defense inside the rocket to live inside his opponent's attack is the key rival of course, when the second scoring grab rebounds Daoqian Chang succeed but can not say that we remember the rocket inside the rocket weak current also allows the opponents inside a Yao Ming Yao Ming returned if the Who under weak field say the rocket inside the Jordan and our - 希尔杰佛利斯 those who would ask you experts reported Rockets weak inside another lie? (Please look at data center opponents voted 3 8, opponent 2-point alternative power forward went 4 of 11) You also need to do what we are inside? Opponents not score anything?

Inside me than this may not bring Rockets guard today, you are particularly Bulukesi offensive efficiency is high but your lack of stability of the attack you are a very good offensive player when the team is far behind You will stand out as the team leader when you are also a lot of good players but the icing on the cake-type rocket out at a crucial moment in time you will make some people can not understand the choice of the first we put ourselves in a professional fan objective point of view point of the problem is after the bit to do a very good series the team the ball quickly up the transfer to the position of better players and not thinking about how good their offensive guard to complete my mind forever only pass if you think in the first shot you can not always be the best point guard the Rockets have the current lineup is very stable inside a cast outside Scola Martin, known for 3-point line but also have Shane and Ali Zhabadingge If we can a small cloth ball for the first time to transfer out of the Rockets scoring again on a higher level will be! Defensive point guard in the least to do so in defense of their opponent's guard passing a comfortable less upset opponents to force a pass opponents make mistakes, but I've got to do a small cloth is unable to do your bit defense is often the only rival opened up the situation when a breakthrough (not an excuse for lack of congenital conditions, see Hayes defense) can refer to rocket this year, the law is a very interesting lineup often lag behind rivals in the opening when we substitute upon assuming office, for the rocket task is not fulfilled by the score than the opponent that we have concentrated on the main problem is that Cha players did not guard the ball too long the team organized and allow other players can not get the ball only for a small cloth to do some unnecessary the block were really tough for the players inside the rocket! If the Rockets have Paul or Deron Scola's ability to make those rockets are completely unnecessary to complete block of people to become Trying to attack. Lori's the color is actually a small cloth of credit you will often see the lorry tough defensive errors to increase the opponent's offensive attack could well organized team that we rarely see this Lori long dribble is why the Rockets off the bench this year, also hit the ball after a particularly ornamental contrast lorry main guard is more suitable for the Rockets to become a championship team, but in fact these two rocket guards are not suitable for main guard Mo Thunder point guard will consider making some adjustments? To know that we are not rivals but the Pacers have strong teams in the Western Delong Paul Ronas losing today really want to Moorea handsome and lovely fans an alarm to the current rocket not enough to be a strong point guard ! ! !

Finally, I want to say the Rockets Tracy McGrady is not a tumor but point guard who is the real cancer in excellent guard lets the players around him play more relaxed and not let our super star every ball must pay for the full Nuli strong opponents make their own opportunities to play every game 82 games a season, so how will the high intensity of competition does not hurt you Think there any reason I said to you an example Yi Qian Boozer is known for the glass But Deron After we have seen to Boozer hurt?

Opera VII2010-04-17 18:16:36 +0000 #2
Sounds reasonable

from the big Yao to NBA after I started watching the Rockets game, from Francis to Baobosula, then Mike James, Vassilis Spanoulis, Lu Cass III, Head, Alston as well as a small cloth that men are, they are one aspect of each person, there was a commendable Zai between, but it does not find a key called fine De Wen Ding's Shike to Bu chain has come off a good guard.

In fact, Houston is also a lack of previous good power forward: Cato, Taylor, Witherspoon, Swift, Juwan Howard. . . However, this has been criticized for years, because the Hayes, Scola, Landry (Unfortunately, the style has become tough for Lan Lan past, look forward to Hill) and others and revitalized.

Controllable health in this position. . .

In short expect rocket tomorrow will be better now!


this time he still believed that Martin hit a low, certainly has a relationship with the Rockets debut premiere of tension normal
lxpaj2010-04-17 18:53:45 +0000 #3
lack of absolute core
54 Thunderbolt Kid2010-04-17 18:25:31 +0000 #4
hit rate is too low, Martin 16 3, all iron king ah
small break-hui o02010-04-17 19:01:48 +0000 #5
lose we all depressed, but not all the blame to one person. . Rockets guard is on the problems, but the league did not guard a few less NB ah! Obvious advantages of small fabric defects more pronounced, personally like him to play shooting guard, his third of really accurate, and look forward to Lori Come back, small lineup is very small and very powerful, ha ha. . Finally, I want to emphasize, NBA no iron king, who hit a low not capacity, of which there are many factors, such as multi-shot coach asked, feeling uncomfortable, and so on, so we have to believe Ariza believe Martin, looking forward to a good game now! !



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