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How a bigger picture

Rocky de2010-04-17 19:10:20 +0000 #1
I am a SG, 15 years of age, height 1.88m, scoring very, very good jumping ability (stationary jump 87cm), shooting may have been adequate (10 to the eight), body weight was too light 71.2kg, a good teammate that I pass, can I do the old coach back seat, hit the 2 back to starting on the grounds that I do not have bigger picture!
190295802010-04-17 19:14:04 +0000 #2
15 years old, you are a professional basketball Why? Not, in the 15-year-old basketball environment on bigger picture, a bit far-fetched.

Read your description of your technology is good, very good at this age. Even if you bigger picture almost, in the 15-year-old age group in with your body, technology should not bench.

Can only show a problem, you have the technical or short board, what I do not know, but you should find under the landlord's reasons for this.

Then there guard can not be too independent, to take the initiative passes, rather than just pass it to die. Dribbled the ball to rise, not their only basket. To understand the coach's intentions, what he wanted to build the team, I hope you on the team is to serve as what role.

More communication with the coach it, communicate it to know where the problem is.
Shuai can not copy2010-04-17 19:47:11 +0000 #3
ground field of vision, not to capture fighters, the most appropriate time in the ball in place, this is not the overall situation.

Why do not communicate with your coach for a while? You coach with you should you know that, modest does not matter, bring me Well Oh - fuel



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