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nba rookie this year, more than 05 feels good do

Another interpretation of the United States2010-04-17 19:10:55 +0000 #1

wang337020082010-04-17 19:21:34 +0000 #2
05 year, I Delon, Paul, Andrew Bogut, averaging little more than 20 points of data capable, but this year Many rookies are doing well.

10. Budinger

of the 2 rockets in the summer league and preseason rookie has shown a surprising ability. He also once again proved that Rockets general manager Darrell - Morey's eyes - always able to position Huiyanshizhu in two, the former Carl - Carl, this year's Chase - Budinger. Houston's preseason game, Budinger is undoubtedly the most exciting of all, he field to get the 17.8 points, shooting as high as 68.1%, three-point accuracy is surprisingly high as 72.7%. He was a white man, but no shortage of strong body, he had been inspected in the object, but in the end his performance Bializha more satisfactory. Budinger's existence for many U.S. experts in the preseason for the Rockets before the end of the forecast change in the original claim that the rocket will certainly miss the playoffs who began changed his tune, perhaps, rocket and no one else looks so weak. While Budinger role in the team will not, like Griffin, but he will be the Rockets rotation in an important piece.

9. Jordan - Hill

his name contains the names of two great, regardless of whether the extra leverage that can easily be remembered by others can be considered an advantage. Him full mobility, with all outstanding small forward in speed, height and arm length, maximum Mogao 11-foot-11, standing Mogao 9 feet, dash is 3.3 seconds to reach. There is good attitude, a good rebounder; obedient, happy crazy training, like a sponge, learning of their useful knowledge. But in general did not like to use the couple in front of D'Antoni, he also needs more efforts to win the trust of coach.

8. Taylor - Hansibulu

as the best rookie last year's American, but because of the injury Hansibulu missed the Indiana Pacers in the body all of the preseason, but experts still optimistic about him consistently. He is a dedicated power forward, had the North Carolina star, if he comes back, the Pacers will be a big help. Crowded inside the eastern competition will be upgraded.

7. Steve - Curry

defensive strengths of the library not been completely ignored defense on the old Nelson seventh overall selection in the first round into the Warriors, against a rookie who love offensive there is nothing more than Don Nelson's system allows them to display their talents in the. (D'Antoni era of the sun of course is the first choice, but also went to D'Antoni now in New York.) Projection known for the library has a very good offensive approach, which makes him will be Don Nelson's system, like a duck. Although the general performance of the summer league, but the preseason is relatively stable, averaging about 9 minutes to play had seen his upside.

6. James - Harden

Born in 1989, but Harden has a very sophisticated style of play, ESPN commentator that he is outside the current rookie addition to Griffin, the best U.S. players. Saiha Deng played in six preseason games, averaging 10.9 points. Many people with Manu Ginobili as his template, or that he will become poor, the worst version of Brandon - Roy, the young Thunder team, Durant led a group of young military flame Harden siege only a few years can be clearly place an extra sharp knife, in the first quarter as Thunder bench an important force in his goal.

5. Brandon - Jennings

technology excellent, very exceptional combination of conflict points, the full creative offensive end, left and right are very good offensive ability. Jennings 10.9 points in the preseason were the contribution of midfield along with 6.1 assists per game to demonstrate his organizational ability. In addition to game play a bit mad, just get 3 points 1 assists, the other 7 are stable Jennings playing field force to help the team. Which, in the game against the Bulls, he scored 12 points and 10 assists double-double performance. With the experience of the effectiveness of the Greek league, Jennings is likely to become the first rookie in NBA games to adapt to the strength of people. Terrific basketball IQ and actual combat experience, the Bucks can say that the 10th overall selection to the ideal figure.

4, tamar - Pedro Chan

Toronto Raptors are a young Vince - Carter. In the summer league, Pedro praise the performance of eye-catching, ESPN called him a bigger Cortney - Lee, his preseason performance has found that people of his imagination, in addition to Washington to fight blasted a team-high 19 points, the other seven games left to maintain the presence of all nine points. He is a superhuman physical advantages, as a 2 meters tall and 01 of the swing, his body will allow him in the face of the position of rivals account for much cheaper.

3. Johnny - Flynn

he was the NCAA championship in this year's overtime victory over through 6 key figure in the University of Connecticut, he was the Mr. Big heart, he has a strong competitive by heart, excellent resistance capability. Even if the age of 15, suffered serious leg fracture on height growth and lead to permanent closure of 83 in the 1 meter, but this has not prevented him into all the NBA, a No. 6 pick in 2009. Rubio refused to go to Minnesota in his post, the Flynn became the only team to introduce a guard. In the preseason, he's shot though weak, but still can contribute in scoring, averaging 14.4, was constantly made to rely on foul and get the penalty opponents. In the first preseason game against the Bucks, he got 14 points actually came from free throws. While the jumper can be described as his short board, but Flynn was seen slowly his progress in the game.

2. Terec - Evans

Sacramento Kings have no choice but chose Terec Rubio - Evans had eye-popping. However, the present situation, even if the regular season has not carried out, with the King much better than the Timberwolves, at least, they do not waste a valuable high lottery Ming Equ Dengdai a two years later Rang No one knows the so-called "golden Children. " NBA years before being evaluated as a genius Evans, with superior physical talent, from guard to small forward, he is capable. Field starts with the preseason, he averaged 15.6 points to score, except the last little more than a mistake that almost has become the most stable scoring king. Although the king's power is weak, but probably will play for Evans to be a good news. His domineering and explosive stadium will be the rule of the king an important weapon.

As the last draft pick Derrick - The Young Ross, Evans Ross level can play the level? At least on this issue, Evans himself is confident. He believes that he is and LeBron - James, Tracy McGrady, like the player he believes he will become king savior.

1. Blake - Griffin

in the NBA announced when the new season schedule, the official online with a photo, from left to right are Ron - Ron Artest, Blake - Griffin , Vince - Vince Carter, Rasheed - Wallace, Shaquille - O'Neal. Are all new, except there is no past Griffin. Griffin who weakened Clippers placed too much hope, but Griffin in the summer league and preseason in a strong attack 10 years ago, people vaguely think of Tim - Tim Duncan just came into the league scene. All have the same weak unbearable, if the Spurs can rely on Tim Duncan and the Lakers can create a divide the 10-year dynasty, then the Clippers any reason not to believe the rise of authority? Even more frightening is that not only has exceptional talent, diligence and hard work Griffin has impressed people. Jazz coach Jerry Sloan has been on him to see beyond - Karl Malone's potential. Duncan's mentor Popovich even praised him as a "beast." Clippers in preseason game with the Spurs, Tim Duncan before Griffin scored 23 points and 7 rebounds. This ability and ambition, but also which will Bigelifen better rookie season in what attracts our attention?

I believe that 2009 will be much better rookie.
Hanziang632010-04-17 19:31:07 +0000 #3
should be, mainly in the back line this year, broke a lot of talent
benefits Citrus medica2010-04-17 20:04:15 +0000 #4
perhaps because it is not 84 and 03 Good



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