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How rapid increase in Spring

Tebienai_Max2010-04-17 19:11:13 +0000 #1
need for professionals to answer. Best coach

the best is the most "simple"
mehhpx2010-04-17 19:13:17 +0000 #2
simply good or bad depends on the bounce integrated explosive thigh, calf's missile speed, toughness and strength of ankle, waist and abdomen of the comprehensive ability , there is the thigh flexibility. So how to practice it?

1, from the simple squat jump start. Open legs, and shoulder width. Then combined with the arm swing and pushing the body upward jump up. After the closing leg tuck jump, repeat the exercise.

2, the most ancient way - leapfrog. But not squat leapfrog, but squat leapfrog. Note to continuous jump in the middle do not stop. Jump to grasp the distance between yourself and not anxious. Usually 20 - 30 meters. 3, the most stupid way, but the most practical way - jump the stairs. At first you will feel fear, but as long as after the jump you will find a return is not difficult. The best time to jump wearing a shin, carefully scratch the leg. 4, after school breaks can use this simple pad toe ankle movement to enhance toughness and strength. 5, lower extremity flexibility stretching. Thigh positive side, after the three sides of the tensile ligament 6, the high load or high SLR SLR. 7, do daily sit-ups and two from. No waist strength, jumping Absolutely not.

Finally, I would add is this: As long as we train, sure it works!
8zhua Claw2010-04-17 19:35:16 +0000 #3
no rapid increase in the

only you insist on jumping exercise, such as long-term tie sandbags, see the stairs all the Achilles tendon with a jump of exercise
gk2000ssshhh2010-04-17 20:28:48 +0000 #4
agree upstairs saying there is no simple thing, exercise is the most basic , and is very important.
Cool Street CC2010-04-17 20:32:11 +0000 #5
is simple.

Push-ups and sit-ups.

Adhere to exercise over time, push-ups can exercise the muscles of the body,

and sit-ups you can bounce the most important exercise abdominal muscles abdominal muscles forging

Lian Well, good body balance, and playing basketball with very large help


As for the leg exercise, a look that is amateurish.
Hu Liberation in2010-04-17 19:27:52 +0000 #6
the feet tied up sandbags, practice running and jumping. Gradually be able to jump higher
power forward meter eighty2010-04-17 20:56:16 +0000 #7
I usually do every night, two Dunqi, a group of 50, stick with it like

I am 175 tall, but I can dunk -



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