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How tall my little pitching O

xmlisy2010-04-17 21:10:26 +0000 #1
Every time a person has a breakthrough came when people have fear of approaching the basket the shot I did 155 covers Zaban do not know how to shoot the face of how people of high ah
huoer3032010-04-17 21:26:04 +0000 #2
little man trip jumper is an attack tool, because you flexible, always give themselves a chance. Dribble to low, you have no height advantage in the air, and dribble only lower the better, faster, to be accurate, disguised rapid decisive trip, feint realistic, not only a high success rate, in view absolutely superior to those of some degree of slow big man.

For the little man, the investment potential, passing place, bouncing, fast or strong, will break some opportunities, but height is a big disadvantage is difficult to ensure the effective hit rate.每个 one has its own characteristics, play is to use their strengths to attack other people's weaknesses, to find their own strengths, constantly upgrading you will find your weaknesses are beginning to improve the Le!
Dry dead cactus2010-04-17 21:55:41 +0000 #3
petite basket to try not to run, and more practice very long shot in the cast
4196qa2010-04-17 21:23:36 +0000 #4
You can learn to try not another job dumped

child outside of your pitching practice very good ah
luo4124026422010-04-17 21:59:47 +0000 #5
smaller sub breakthrough a little man advantage, especially a large one and sometimes more flexible and good cover, other, more study throw throw, cast long casting is required, the time difference

multi-master, so big man good cover it, to look at watch videos, look at Brooks ---
Whew r, mosquitoes2010-04-17 23:04:35 +0000 #6
155 ----- play basketball a little bit low, you can try outside the development. Ext bit difficult ah
Fertilizer first 1172010-04-17 22:34:02 +0000 #7
basket hook ah



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