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Si Guosai the Chinese team is the strongest line-up it? Are on the main national team yet?

4535353452010-04-18 00:11:22 +0000 #1

Kaiser Lin Na2010-04-18 00:15:09 +0000 #2
Chinese team, including the including Zheng Zhi did not recall to many overseas internationals, so the whole Chinese team did not come in the strongest line-up.

So beat the Korean team did gratifying, really.

Support China, I hope the second time to take title.
Magic 18 small dogs2010-04-18 00:41:16 +0000 #3
is not the strongest line-up .. did not rejoin overseas to train with international, Shao Jiayi .. .. .. Li Weifeng Zheng Hao Junmin, etc. .. .. Chinese competition is mainly for training to participate in 2016 teenager's experience of World Cup competition on the half though South Korea has no overseas players coming back, but this time South Korea was preparing for training, but a full 2 months time ..
to champion the road2010-04-18 01:00:22 +0000 #4
how do you say, to be on the individual capacity, is the worst, but to the cooperation of the whole, the strongest, because they like the Rockets are not stars, but their tacit agreement with the football game is 11, to talk groups, so They are the best I've seen a tacit understanding of the Chinese team, I believe they will certainly appear in the Brazil 2014 World Cup stadium.



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