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Rockets trade for Artest is for the Why ah go do their own rocket and Thailand do not lose the right

mature sister2010-04-18 00:11:34 +0000 #1

ZJJXWJX1232010-04-18 00:24:41 +0000 #2
First Artest and Trevor Ariza is not exchanged, they are all free agents, even if Artest does not go The Rockets also signed Trevor Ariza to the. so choose to go Artest, the Rockets have failed to keep, this is not a way. not to mention feel at a loss.
zhang520no2010-04-18 00:29:19 +0000 #3
Ron Artest was signed to a one year contract

is a free agent after one year,

want to tell the team that the team signed Jiugen sign
qiuchenxi16882010-04-18 00:52:09 +0000 #4
do not pay ah not to Ariza Well ---


Despite write-up points, but also steals it!
Dawn 19922010-04-18 01:54:00 +0000 #5
Artest in return, when the contract would soon expire, did not renew after the expiration of the ah of course left the Rockets after trading in a cleared about 7 million salary-cap space, you can sign this year's Trevor Ariza and renewal and several other players, trading is so little feel at a loss, you have no money to contract people can go and take the vacated space can be signed after other people
e34524441234562010-04-18 01:14:16 +0000 #6
fight bad
ZYLM2552010-04-18 01:38:06 +0000 #7
ah Thailand is a traitor rocket
110110zhj2010-04-18 01:52:58 +0000 #8
It is a free player. LS friend please Do not say Ron Artest is a traitor



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