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Why do not the Celtics get Landry King Ma

mature sister2010-04-18 00:12:14 +0000 #1

Oriental sangrakwol2010-04-18 00:15:51 +0000 #2
It was Carl. Landry's brother, Marcus. Landry, Celtic House in transactions daily, Walker, Giddens for Robinson, Carl
but love river2010-04-18 00:49:35 +0000 #3
that is, Carl's brother ........
a mole Xingfu2010-04-18 00:23:44 +0000 #4
Beijing time on February 19, Rockets Bird Landry's brother, the effectiveness of the Knicks Marcus - Landry in trading today as tragically, was sent to Boston.

The Knicks sent Marcus - Landry and dunk king Robinson, back from the Celtics trade Eddie - House, Bill - Walker and Giddens. Negotiations before the two teams has been a transfer problem on the slam dunk king, behold at the last minute, Marcus is also on board the trading name of the list.

Robinson's salary this season, 400 million, but because the pay provisions of the contract, the Celtics and the Knicks had to increase their bilateral trade to other players to balance the total amount of salary, while Marcus Robinson on the way to become a victim of transactions .

6 feet 7 inches, 230 pounds, Marcus - Landry for the Knicks this season, played 17 games, averaging 6.4 minutes playing time, contributed 2.6 points and 1.1 rebounds. In Tuesday's game against the Bulls, Marcus contribution in 7 minutes, 3 minutes. Marcus in the 2009 NBA Draft No one is interested, on behalf of the king in his summer league, the midfield in five games and averaged 9.4 points and 3.6 rebounds while shooting 48.5%, one-third of shooting up to 41.7%. After training camp in New York, Marcus showed his strength, finally signed Yuenikesi.

Rocket today with the Knicks, the king's three-team deal, the Knicks will be sent to Tracy McGrady, Carl Landry was sent to the king.
Jiang885612010-04-18 02:06:13 +0000 #5
his brother Curry - Landry, Gegekaer - Rand go the King



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