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What transactions does not evaluate rocket boring boring, Carl Martin, ah how to get it

mature sister2010-04-18 00:12:20 +0000 #1

gq3314410632010-04-18 00:28:04 +0000 #2
Denver's Kenyon Martin is the most fierce when the Nets, not the past few years bear witness to a young man, and age is not small, Lan Lan away unfortunately, but there is no way to leave is also difficult to renew, remember Lan Lan was in full play value to be a time when the middle class, loss of the Charlotte bid 3 million, with the rocket to Price to leave him. Now rise, and not 10 million also have eight million. In addition to the King Lan Lan is also a good thing, there can be mingled big contract, playing time can be good, are young people, developing better inside the rocket never become the core of the King is likely. The transaction, in general, or no loss of transactions, at least run, McGrady got left maturity value of the basic contract, and injuries ruined his and New York to his very obvious reasons, in order to clear space, if Medina brave, you can also renew down. The value of multi-West is not high, even if Tim Head, potential stock it, Lan Lan is the only bargaining chip, but the hand is for Martin, shooting is quite accurate, at least a star figure, and the 8th pick Qiaodanxier is also great potential but the Knicks did not break. There are also two first-round draft picks, look now and in the future, if the past two years or no hope of winning, Bargain Yao Ming is not impossible, in exchange for new, hands still pick the reconstruction is easy, the whole or Yes, you can think of a better deal Why?
Zzr63528942010-04-18 00:43:35 +0000 #3
Now that everything's still early.
Z, etc. I have a day2010-04-18 01:34:25 +0000 #4
is the tragedy of it before the Nuggets Martin King Ma Dingqiang more



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