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Iverson really old right?

We19992010-04-18 02:11:21 +0000 #1

luojia_luoyian2010-04-18 02:22:28 +0000 #2
For a basketball player is really old
HTXOK2010-04-18 02:56:09 +0000 #3
age of old, but the heart is always so young! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Refueling, Ai!
Dream place to start OO2010-04-18 02:37:16 +0000 #4
and his previous state, the really old, and devote the.

Tribute to a myth!
3792753932010-04-18 03:07:00 +0000 #5
amount の looks like a
glaymorewy2010-04-18 02:30:24 +0000 #6
do not you not worry about the AI will never fall even bodily functions are no longer suitable for high-intensity exercise, he will still persist in his favorite sport is still in his life of wealth will is not the old myths forever AI
wyzz19922010-04-18 04:13:05 +0000 #7
Iverson such as speed of eating by older players, and there had been no speed would not succeed, Iverson then rely on that famous single-handedly break the butterfly, I am also looks pretty in the loyal fans, to see him so very sorry for him, and you can noticed that most of Allen Iverson by shooting outside shots were accomplished, he has not allowed his physical strength as a breakthrough year like, you Iverson down to see the data is not entirely caused by the older, more is Allen Iverson to give up 25 + in the previous shot, choose a more assists to his teammates, I think of that game to end Iverson could cast when the lore was passed the ball to Andre Iguodala, hey, let us wish that Iverson can help his team win more now! ! I believe - Ai never change!
Pig_p2010-04-18 03:41:03 +0000 #8
come to this has been very easy

always be my favorite most respected players
Cao Yongfei 19912010-04-18 02:38:36 +0000 #9
Of course not, most quite AI
shaoruinoone2010-04-18 06:52:59 +0000 #10
There are people in this world can not old! Wizard?
Qq3812344252010-04-18 07:13:46 +0000 #11
AI and not old, just a little more mature! His spiritual support for him to walk the remaining NBA Way! Pay tribute to his spirit, paying tribute to AI
yuanyuxin6232010-04-18 04:58:18 +0000 #12
cookie filling2010-04-18 05:12:17 +0000 #13
the old man at heart, the problem remains, the answer is forever!
A Lin Zhongfei a2010-04-18 08:30:06 +0000 #14
age of bigger is not false, but his spirit is still as ever, still very much able to fight in support of Iverson!



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