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What is AI

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AI Introduction

AI (Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence). "Artificial Intelligence" in 1956 the term was first presented at Dartmouth Institute. Since then, researchers have developed many theories and principles, also will expand the concept of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a challenging science, in this work must understand computer knowledge, psychology and philosophy. Artificial intelligence is very broad, including science, but from different areas of composition, such as machine learning, computer vision, Deng Deng, in general, artificial intelligence research as a major goal is to make a number of generally competent machine Nenggou need human intelligence to complete complex task. But different times, different people on this "complex task" of understanding is different. For example, the scientific and engineering computing heavy originally dignitaries brain to bear, and now the computer can not only complete this calculation, and can do it faster than the human brain, more accurately, consequent modern people no longer look to this calculation Zuo is a "need to complete De complexity of human intelligence tasks", the definition of complex work can be seen along with the era of Jin Bu Fa Zhan and Ji Shu and Bian Hua's, artificial intelligence that science's Jutimubiao Ye natural as the times change and Fa Zhan. It continued to gain new progress on the one hand, on the one hand turned more meaningful, more difficult goals. Now can be used to study artificial intelligence and the ability to achieve the main material means the machine is the computer artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and computer history is the history of science and technology linked. In addition to outside computer science, artificial intelligence is also involved in information theory, cybernetics, automation, bionics, biology, psychology, mathematical logic, linguistics, medicine and philosophy and many other subjects.



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