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McGrady really ruined! ! !

lan1059486812010-04-18 04:11:17 +0000 #1
Not me that he, the original idol. Since the last season before injuries that I see him several weak the weak. Destroy ah white blind. We express opinions, to listen
fqingyong2010-04-18 04:23:36 +0000 #2
if that ruined not so serious. Mak, 31 years old, this should be at its peak, but his body is injured, the body can not participate in high intensity combat. Dry pull his fascinating because the lack of bounce and the back injury has not hit a guarantee can not be easily extraordinary rise to a leg injury, to be honest, his scoring has been up less than three percent earlier. Only a relatively small field of vision allows him to open up areas in assists as a slight. But if he considered the league maximum salary, then we can only say two words: low-paid. Today is also fancy his Knicks contract expires and past popularity, it is estimated this summer that he can only get a contract in the middle ... really, McGrady is not in our memory that unscrupulous scores 13 points to create 35 seconds of wheat Di was. Man, I divided it to the phone to play so many characters Burongyia ...
Vice City K2010-04-18 04:34:35 +0000 #3
I think so, like when he was fame (but did not break through the first round). Now he has been a disappointment, though He could get 20 + in the game. Although he could dunk, though he could .... but he can not play 40 minutes per game +, he can not carry the team, he can not return to peak time .. so we can look forward to his occasionally brilliant, but not always exciting ..
gq3314410632010-04-18 05:33:07 +0000 #4
that has ruined countless players surgery caused Stoudemire to restore the best, nor can fly before it, and do When young, Tracy McGrady scored now assists by the experience and basketball talent, or instinct. Not by the body, so the Rockets can think of why the let him go, there was a time, but claimed no change with 比卢加普林斯. Old. Leaving only memories
hhy8143866752010-04-18 05:31:40 +0000 #5
very mysterious, recent knee has a little problem



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