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McGrady transfer issue

czding0072010-04-18 04:11:24 +0000 #1
Rockets get Kevin - Martin, Jordan - Hill, Jia Laide - Jeffries, the King center Hilton - Armstrong and 2012 draft picks (five protected), in addition, the rocket and the New York Knicks draft pick in 2011 exchange (New York Knicks signed 2011 draft pick champion protected).

Problem 1: 2 people behind the contract, said that probably next year, add up to more than 600 W. But the rocket may refuse to offer the other side, what does that mean? Is garbage contract, salary accounts for a large space?

Question 2: Martin can play the next game? Are there restrictions on the number of days after the transaction?

Problems 3:2012 draft picks (five protected), in addition, the exchange of rocket and the New York Knicks draft pick in 2011 (New York Knicks signed 2011 draft pick champion protected).

This two pick mean? Explain the specific content of what? I can not understand. . .

Please master guiding, thank you
everyone loves is too small2010-04-18 04:13:17 +0000 #2
Question 1 do not quite understand what you mean, since the formation of the rocket can not unilaterally refuse to deal offer each other, and the sum of the salaries of the two should 900 million of the Armstrong 2.8 million contract expires next year, but Jeffries is not floating up after expiration of the annual salary will rise next year, 800 million, the salary is not a small burden on the renewal of Scola and Lori less favorable, individual transactions guess Morey thief to not rule out the use of a sign for the means in 2010 to form the Big Three of the possible, perhaps that Bosh, Boozer Or do Stoudemire Huozhe to time to see Yao Ming and the recovery of the specific market movements were adjusted, where the first bold guess

Question 2 Martin, and the Pacers in the first game appearance, and Granger confront this new aid to test it and the team rocket Running and chemical reaction, if a seamless connection, that half of the season the Rockets will further speed the situation, struggling to contend for the playoffs ended, Portland's Brandon Roy scrapped if the season that the Rockets hope is still in the , while continuing to reserve and develop the role players for the coming year to prepare the return of Yao Ming, to the big time before the new rookie Jordan. Hill Samaranch how potential, let's wait and see, from my basic understanding of his view, the body Quality is not the world's best, but at least the basic build big before, the pace of technology has been very well cast, and although still far from being achieved against the NBA level, but may be some time before to be the second major version of Bynum

Question 3 draft picks the content of this transaction is that, for 2011, the draft rights to the Rockets and Knicks are the Knicks sign bit greater than 1 but less than the attribution of the rocket when the rocket overall use, but if Nick Sri Lanka also called to the little emperors and kings like lightning Xia Xing, become a member of the winning group, which is bound to rocket to pick Binikesi time high, there is no need, if the luxury tax and salary cap because the adjustment led to the Knicks By that time, a lot of salary and strong marketing support behind still can not attract any superstar to join, performance improvement even when the time is still not falling apart because the whole team is not wiped out, another character drawn by a large outbreak champion sign, then Nick Sri Lanka will not surrender draft picks in 2011 to prepare for their renewal at least you can leave the last straw! Here it involves the rocket program in 2011 because that year the official Yao Ming contract expires, if the state does not work, that it will usher in the worst results of rocket ---- reconstruction, the rocket had had four draft picks in hand , were his first round of the sign and the use of Nowak and Los Angeles Clippers for the second round there with Francis and the Grizzlies for the second round, with Yao Ming not to renew to the salary space will be exchanged for a small melon or Durant to join such a talented people, which of course is something of, but also not a fan of Chinese willing to accept the outcome, while first-round draft pick in 2012 that white rocket that is obtained without any exchange or pay price, as long as the sign bit more than 5 rocket that can be chunks, which is 2 years when the rocket reconstruction of essential water sign bit reserve

hope my answer can help you!
HLRTHD2010-04-18 04:28:15 +0000 #3
Answer 3: 2011 and 2012 first-round draft pick of protection, including 2011 draft pick is "champion signed" to protect, in 2012 the top five overall draft pick is protected, that is Nick Williams was a two-year first-round draft pick is not "champion signed" and then five pick, the pick will belong to the Rockets.



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