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What can I do dunk?

hatred 142010-04-18 06:10:48 +0000 #1
My 1995 was born on December 20 (Gregorian calendar)


1.62cm Jumping 40cm so I think the number of detention I would like to bounce? Be realistic?

I bounce in practice (well-known U.S. bounce plan)
King Rose2010-04-18 06:20:39 +0000 #2
your age too young, the body is at the most important stage of development, is not suitable for large loads of exercise, in fact, if you keep playing, often jump, then there will be a good height and bounce all the growth.

I wish you an early realization of their dreams
xiangyi9872010-04-18 06:59:39 +0000 #3

refueling, hopeful
xia0kai2010-04-18 06:53:13 +0000 #4
··········· how a time and I was born (Macao )

1 m 62 is definitely not the (Chinese)

you have to calculate the height of the United States the normal basket of 15 3 m 1 m 62

If you add at least you have a wingspan of 1 meter above spring

At present you still practice hard it

I wish you success!
Civilization hooligan2010-04-18 07:16:08 +0000 #5
15 years old should have it, so, not easy to say, because your height growth to more than 20 years of age to be stopped, can not determine how much your future president to, I guess about almost be 180CM bar, click here to height calculation, you can bounce around 75 dunk. In theory, if only to buckle into it, hand over the ring when Mogao four fingers can I go, it depends on your skill and physical coordination. If you want to buckle would have to jump pretty high up, CBA has few dunk handsome. Also, I suggest, do not blindly jumping to practice what plans may not be as publicized as science, in fact the most Jiandan leapfrog and effective way of jumping exercises, stick with it, effect is obvious on the explosive force is also helpful Of course, this is just my personal advice.
Lys_oson2010-04-18 08:02:24 +0000 #6
You're too young of 18,9 years old if you can grow more than 180 points, bouncing good points, practice a trained almost the same. I have many friends with very little time to put physical training injury, if there is no other professional coaches will simply practiced. After all, the body has not finished developing.

But if you want to buckle NBA basket on the other said, if you just want to play like me, just name of amateur, then -
dandanwwf2010-04-18 08:56:21 +0000 #7
I am reminded of the saying that God said not see the rest of my life But you bounce really good

better than me because of race issues, but we are not as good as that to be true black, but other than that we can and they ah



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