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Pirates of the ball count how foul

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1. Run into each other's hands; 2. Cut the ball into the other arm of any position, so therefore the action deformation
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Pirates ball thing on the other side, if your body is foul body exposure (such as hired thugs)
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Chapter Competition Basketball Rules

1 defined the size and equipment Chapter rule 2


basketball court size rule three lines and the size of

basketball equipment rule 4 of Chapter

basketball staff and their responsibilities Rule 5

basketball referees and their assistants rule 6 of the main referee's power

Basketball Rule 7 time and place of sentencing judges

Basketball Rule 8 violation occurs when the referee's responsibility

Basketball Rule 9 and assistant recorder records the duties

Basketball Rule 10 timer functions

Basketball Rule 11 30 seconds timer functions

Chapter members, substitutes and coaches

basketball rule 12 of the team

Basketball Rule 13 basketball players and substitutes

Rule 14 Duties and powers of the captain of the basketball rules

Article 15 Duties and powers of the coaches time General

Chapter 16

Basketball Rules Basketball Rules Match Time


basketball game clock control rule 18

30 seconds rule to article 19 of the Basketball Rules registration suspended

Basketball Rule 20 injured players or referees rule 21

basketball scores equal to and win the competition of General

VI rule 22 basketball game winning

basketball rule 23 of the start of race

Basketball Rule 24 ball state

basketball rule 25 position players and referees rule 26


basketball jump ball rule 27 to play basketball

basketball rule 28 of the ball

Basketball Rules 29 team members in doing the act of shooting

Basketball Rule 30 balls to score the basket and its value of

Basketball bounds rule 31 rule 32


basketball replacement rule 33 of a game or a Ho when the end of the

Basketball Rule 34 games due to abstain from negative reading

Basketball Rule 35 games due to a lack of players negative reading

Chapter VII of the illegal

basketball rule 36 illegal

Basketball Rule 37 of the players out of bounds and ball out of bounds

Basketball Rules 38

Basketball dribbling rule rule 39 rules of the ball to go

basketball rule 40 "3 second" rule

Basketball Rule 41 was guarded basketball team rule 42

10 seconds

Basketball Rules Rule 43 of the ball back to basketball after the field

Rule 44 offensive and defensive interference in Chapter VIII of the ball

basketball personal foul foul rule 45 rule 46


basketball contact with rule 47 of invasive foul rule 48


basketball foul rule 49 unsportsmanlike foul

basketball rule 50 disqualified for a technical foul foul

Chapter 51

basketball rules rules of conduct: the definition of

Basketball Rules 52 basketball players of the technical foul rule


off staff basketball technical foul rule 54 of the breaks, the technical foul rule 55


fight the general rules of Chapter 56

Basketball Basic Rules the principle of rule 57

basketball player 5 or 6 fouls rule 58

basketball team foul - penalty rules

Basketball Rule 59 fouls in special circumstances rule 60


basketball free throw rules 61 section to correct the errors


The chapter "Basketball Rules" are the men mentioned in coaches, players, referees, etc., without any gender discrimination means, obviously, it also applies to women, so that only written is for convenience.

The first definition of each of two teams to participate in basketball, played five players per team. Purpose of scoring the ball into the other basket, and prevent access to the ball or score each other. Can pass the ball in any direction, cast, shoot, roll, or movement, but limited by the following rules.

Chapter II

The second size and equipment, court dimensions

1, the golf course is a rectangular solid surface, no obstructions.

2, the main FIBA official competitions (see the "official game program," V), pitch dimensions: length 28 meters, 15 meters wide, the golf course is measured along the boundary measured from the inside.

3, for all other games, the FIBA appropriate departments, such as the Regional Committee of the regions or continents race or national federation of all domestic competitions, the right to approve the following size range of the existing golf course: the length of by 4 meters, width is reduced by 2 meters, as long as the change in proportion with each other.

4, the ceiling or at least the minimum barrier height of 7 meters.

5, stadium lighting should be uniform, light intensity should be sufficient. Lighting equipment shall not impede the placement of the visual team.

6, the size of all new course to the main FIBA official competitions and the requirements of the same: 28 meters long, 15 meters wide.

The third line and the size of the lines referred to in this clause should be:

1, with the same color paint;

2, a width of 0.05 m (5 cm)

c, clear and legible.

A) of the boundary to 1, the golf course to use lines provided by the second draw, and the line from the audience, billboards or any other obstructions at least 2 meters.

2, stadium sidelines long side of the boundary is called the short side of the line called the end line.

(B) one from the sidelines of the dotted line parallel to the end line called the center line; midline extension to the sidelines on both sides of 0.15 m (15 cm).

(C) free-throw line, restricted area and penalty area

1, the free throw line and side lines parallel to its outer edge from the end line in along the 5.80 m; side of the line length of 3.60 meters. It must fall on the midpoint of the two side lines connecting the midpoint of the imaginary line.

2, from the free throw line to the ends of two lines drawn from the midpoint of the end line and 3 m (both measured from the from the outer edge) posed by ground-based regional call restrictions. If the restricted area within the color, its color must be the same color in the circle inside.

3, the penalty area is restricted area to the free throw line with the midpoint of a circle, with 1.80 m radius, are drawn to the restrictions of the semi-circular area. In the restricted area of the semicircle to be drawn into a dotted line.



4, on both sides of the penalty area, the location of players in the penalty area for use. Drawing as follows:

(1) The first line from the end line along the 1.75 m within, measured along the sidelines on both sides of penalty area.

(2) the first location area with a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm), and the region beginning with the neutral side phase.

(3) a neutral region with a width of 0.40 meters (40 cm), and other lines with the same solid color coating.

(4) the second location area and the neutral area adjacent to a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm).

(5) The third location area adjacent to the second location area, a width of 0.95 meters (85 cm).

(6) All areas used to draw the line position, its length 0.10 m (10 cm) and perpendicular to the outside of the penalty area boundary line.

(D) in the circle

the circle to draw the court's central radius of 1.80 meters, measured from the outer edge of the circle. If the internal coloring in circles, its color must be the same color inside the restricted area.

(E) Area with 3 shots from 3-point shooting team area is near the basket than the other conditions the following areas outside of the stadium area. These conditions included:

1, respectively, 1.25 m away from the sideline, from the end line leads to two parallel lines;

2 with a radius of 6.25 m (measured to the outer arc) arc (semicircle) with the two parallel lines intersect;

3 The arc of the center of a circle to the other basket in the center of the intersection of the vertical line on the ground. Along the end line from the center of a circle within a distance of 1.575 m midpoint. Note: If the pitch is less than the width of 15 m, 6.25 m radius arc remaining on the draw.


F) regional team seats according to the regional team I draw the following conditions:

1, stations and club seats in the record the same side of the counter (see "field size" map);

2, each regions from the end line by an extension of at least 2 meters outside the line, and another 5 meters away from the center line and perpendicular to the sideline and at least 2 m long line threshold.


I, during the game, only allow coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes and a maximum of 5 persons with specific duties travel with the team (such as: team leader, doctor, massage, statisticians, translators, etc.) sitting in the team seats in the region. I can not sit on the team other personnel within 5 meters.

2, along with their staff to enjoy rights and responsibilities. Therefore, his behavior under the jurisdiction of the referee.

3, if the situation warrants, the main judge in the team I can reduce the region's travel with the team Personnel.

1 Article equipment, rebounds to 1, two rebounds and transparent use of appropriate materials, they are block, and has the 0.03 m (3 cm) thick hardwood boards the same hardness. They can also be 0.03 m (3 cm) thick, painted white, made of hard wood.

2 rebounds size is: horizontal width of 1.80 m, 1.05 m high vertical, 2.90 m above the ground along the. 3, FIBA appropriate departments, such as the Regional Committee of the regions or continents race or national federation of all the domestic competitions and also the power to cross wide and 1.80 m, 1.20 m high vertical, .75 m above the ground along the rebounding size.

4 rebounds in front should be even, and:

(1) All the lines drawing are as follows:

a, if the backboard is transparent, with white;

b, if not transparent, black;

c, a width of 0.05 m (5 cm)

(2) rebounding edge holes in accordance with the above (1) the use of lines outlined.

(3) In the back of each piece of rebounds in the ring according to the following requirements to draw rectangle:

a, outer dimensions: horizontal width of 0.59 meters (59 cm), vertical 0.45 m (45 cm)

b, a rectangular bottom along the edge of the horizontal flush with the mesopause.

5 rebounds firmly placed according to the following requirements:

(1) placed the two ends of the court, with the ground vertically, with the end lines parallel;

(2) their central pitch to fall vertically from the end line in along the midpoint of 1.20 m of the place;

(3) rebounds from the side line of the pillar to the outer edge of at least 2 m, in order to match players see clearly, the color should be bright, and with the background behind the end line was significantly different. 6, 2 rebounds on the dressing material to meet the following requirements:

(1) on the bottom and edge of the backboard, dressing material to cover the bottom and sides of the bottom side dressing rebounds minimum object distance of 0.35 meters (35 cm);

(2) bottom-hole dressing materials rebounds minimum thickness of 0.05 meters (5 cm);

(3) rebounds before, back from the bottom of the lowest 0.02 m (2 cm) Service to cover the minimum thickness of the dressing material was 0.02 m ( 2 cm).



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