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Landry after the rocket cleared, leaving a group of blacksmiths?

Sanmenwei2010-04-18 10:11:39 +0000 #1

Oops a dangerous2010-04-18 10:22:06 +0000 #2
Iron wire cloth iron nail bar
zyfcool12010-04-18 10:49:24 +0000 #3
heap? Nails and iron binding only friends
wii11002010-04-18 11:21:04 +0000 #4
watch the match today, no blacksmith did not actually go to Landry for we all felt sorry

but Morey Yao deliberately do not live afraid to retain the reconstruction of the bedding
feed Dian beauty2010-04-18 11:21:46 +0000 #5
Why care about a just - believe that Murray's vision -
gq3314410632010-04-18 10:32:57 +0000 #6
A to nail ah, hat button early, only iron bar, if you think that Landry is not worth saying good-bye, then take your time, this things are gambling. Stability can not say lose money or lose, but I think at least for Lan Lan is not a bad thing, although he paid a lot for the Rockets, but that is his job. Also his character. Now to the King, starting today, and starting in the Rockets want is difficult. And when the rocket inside the core more difficult, unless the Yao and Scola are sold, even if so, I do not think he can stir up the same as td and kg beams inside. Lan Lan is a good player in his room for the king would be more able to get large contracts may also increase, and no one Alexander Stingy. So if you like Lan Lan bless him.
Husile04072010-04-18 12:02:45 +0000 #7
Oh ---- You did not say I did not pay attention to are the blacksmith blacksmith's players



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