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Martin Rockets How old?
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Basic Information

Kevin Martin / Kevin Martin /

Nickname: K-Mart, Baby Kevin

Position: Shooting guard Height: 2.01 meters / 6 foot 7 Weight: 84 kg / 185 lbs

birthday :1983-02-01, 27, a

Team: Houston Rockets [1]

has also played for the team: Sacramento Kings [2]

jersey number: 12

NBA ball Age: 5 Draft: 2004 Round 1 Round 26

Place of Birth: Ohio Zanesviile

School: 西卡罗莱纳 University (Western Carolina)

Nationality: United States

wages :2009-10 season salary: 10.18 million U.S. dollars

2010-11 season salary: 11.1 million U.S. dollars

2011-12 season salary: 12.01 million U.S. dollars

2012-13 season salary: 12.93 million U.S. dollars

contract situation: 4 years, 4.6 million, 2004/7/7 signed, 2008 Summer expired; 5 years 55 million, 2007/8/29 renewed, effective summer 2008, due in summer 2013

[Edit this paragraph] About

he tied on his left leg with care, love to drink red Gatorade, knee shorts, 23, Jordan shoes. in the McGrady trade puzzle out the truth long after the Rockets fans found out that he, Kevin Martin, is coming!

Martin's home in a small town population of less than 30,000, but that in this sparsely populated parts of the such a basketball genius.

Martin, a quarter of black descent, but he looks a long Meiqingmuxiu always a smiling face. Maybe look at his face you can not see anything, but saw him play on the court you will find this guy likes to laugh often play the role of cold-blooded killer. Before the start of the season from the Maloof brothers that he had just received a 5-year 55 million contract, perhaps because the two brothers have seen him in the future will be a rare talent.

Maybe really the same as he said his idol is former team boss Weber, but now no one can hide his light. Martin does not like the Union of those big stars, because before he entered the NBA at the university is not a very famous player. But Martin's personal data in the University of really good, but because of his reputation of not very good school where he also followed was buried.

Flying on the University of North Carolina, the junior school is also Luo Laina Martin, but the University of Sika. In fact, college career, averaging 22 points to get Martin to do a good enough, this should allow him to pick on access to higher education overall. But because the school's mediocre pick his strength with him have very different, better now that he grew up.

Kevin - Martin, 26 first-round pick in 2004 joined the Sacramento Kings. Kevin Martin, excellent running and jumping ability, is not the best team ball striker. After a jumper and later cut into the cover and put in place after the air cut-oop layup, and his good scoring method. Martin's one-man combat needs to be strengthened, not his back to the basket is almost offensive. Martin defense in the use of physical strength, running up at the lack of power, but the inexperienced defense can only be regarded as a general defender. 2004 in the first round of the 26th overall pick in the king after he was in the first season Martin played little time. Martin good bounce in the league of his decision to take a seat among the spring position, but the reality of the time so he did not display space. But when he went to the king the king of the staff just to catch up with major adjustments in off the boss after another and went after Webb Doug. Martin was listed in the team's focus on training targets, he began to occupy the team's backup point guard position. Martin met King a good teammate and a good coach, which he is now a key part of success.

In the 05-06 season, Peja was sent away again after the critical moment the stick injuries, Martin sat directly to the main location of the team. But after he recovered from the stick can only supplement on live, but the gold will be light.

April 29, 2006 is to make people remember the days of Martin, was the King's opponent in the playoffs, the Spurs. King was already 0:2 behind the Spurs in the third game, but the king While the tenacious struggle or behind the Spurs in the last minute. When people are ready to accept the king on the backwardness of 0:3 when Martin stood up and the calves born in the spirit of this young man not afraid of Tiger Direct Sharu psychological Spurs basket. But we do not forget the Spurs basket stood before the union's largest Duncan ah, but Martin's fearless performance. We also remember the trapeze classic trick is to do the act of shooting off even after a handover, but Martin has done his perfect performance in the air so that the Spurs were winning shots at the last minute. Although the race in that series let us remember that stick more excellent play, but we have to say that Martin has grown up.

Mike Bibby left the team, Artest is gone, Miller is also gone. Martin King is one of the team. Maloof brothers carve out the high price contract seems to prove their determination, the future king was rebuilt around him. Can be counterproductive.

09-10 mid-season, All-Star after the game, Martin was traded to the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming became teammates. From then on he came to the attention among the Chinese fans, and Yao Ming form a new "MM" combination. We wish Martin the hope that he and Yao Ming for the Chinese fans dedicate more and better nba game.

We can also see a star is rising, perhaps one day we will see in the finals this figure.

[Edit this paragraph] Comprehensive Evaluation Comprehensive Evaluation of

〔〕 physical excellence, outstanding ability to run, jump, have 42-inch run-up jump and bounce on the alliance with the speed the pace of most of PG. Slim, light weight against the ability of these two led to his weak, in the case of strong technical action against the easily deformed or even cause errors. His failure rate was very high at a certain time. Control of the ball above the level in the Union, when faced full-court press 221 can replace the PG point. There are no show NBA PG level passing awareness and technology, breaking into the restricted area in the ball after the sub-options are relatively small, as the player's ability to organize and coordinate the development and awareness yet. Projection ability to highlight, although the weird shooting positions, but are often beyond the arc to maintain a very high hit rate, the road between the shooting ability is relatively less stable. As SG, he's rebounding quite good awareness and protection, often in 30 minutes time contribution to the 5-6 rebounds.

〔〕 Offensive excellent projection capability, excellent fitness and a positive post moves to ensure the K-MART is now at least, a coalition of more than the standard of the attackers without the ball and TEAM PLAYER. Beyond the arc in the CATCH & SHOOT, use a jumper and cut into the cover, and the air all over the place after the alley-oop basket and present the main points of his means, occasionally able to use speed break and jump shots to take minutes. However, lack of physical ability to fight limited his further development of the offensive end, the opponents was marked by positive, inside complement bit more heated confrontation quickly conditions, K-MART cut and De Qiuhou shooting action is often susceptible to interference and distortion, scores the low success rate. In addition, so far he 也 have not created a stable and effective means of singles, singles do not have to turn around and skills in the frame, holding the ball one on one, he usually use the comparative advantage of the speed the pace of choice cut into or Tupo access Ji Qiang Xing stop settling for jump shots battle. Cut primarily rely on his speed, rarely seen when he cut into the direction and pace of change in use out of opponents. As the gap between the body, usually cut into the number of times after the success rates are not many. After half a quarter of this year after his strong start to reduce the proportion of conflict, more use of emergency stop jumper to end the attack. Last season (05-06) team offensive system he played in the main or a pure scorer and offensive player without the ball, the ball does not need too much to bear and organizational tasks, both capacity he is currently lack. The man combat capability is a direct consequence of inadequate system operation once the team attack a problem, K-MART on the offensive end of the efficiency will drop a lot. Further hone their ball skills and physical attacks against the capacity will be his main task in the coming years. As a striker, K-MART have a lot of potential yet to be excavated.

〔〕 K-MART defense can follow the footsteps of the Union and the vast majority of SG PG. Starting in the middle of last season's that time ADELMAN often let him keep opponents PG. Because of his relative height and arm span in normal PG obvious advantage, but the pace of movement on the do not suffer losses, so sometimes after he and BIBBY rotations to good effect. However, lack of strength and combat ability make him the right place when a lot of SG's quite difficult, though he fully Nenggen is maintained the pace of rivals, but after the event of physical contact with opponents or cut into the back of body fat, strength singles, K- MART can select only foul. He also attacked the lack of first-class defense experience in hand, for the opponents to judge actions and false interpretation of offensive action is very general. Players without the ball in on the defensive side, may be due to awareness of rebounds due to the protection, K-MART bit more by election years, which gives the opponent a lot of space and shooting opportunities, but sometimes he can be back early predict the opponent's passing route. use of a fast moving steals fast break, but because he was not the oppression of the players without the ball, which steals the scene it appears only occasionally. The worst he has done is roll defense, his attention focused on the ball by the general body, with little attention to mention behind the cover of the other players came up to do, so he launched for the opponents predict pick- , holding opponents to launch those files after the split was to fend off taking place, and was closed after the double-team the ball for the relief of those choices tend to be poor. Overall, K-MART Although excellent physical, fast-moving pace, but because of experience defending the lack of current in the league where he can only be regarded as a generic and some of the deficiencies in Mouxiefangmian Huan Zhe defense.

〔〕 If, as the future trend of last year, so go on, K-MART at least to become a non-inferior to KERRY KITTLES ROLE PLAYER and outstanding pitcher, but not impossible next RIP. But he has better than the former two much more physical, if the goal is just not a good ball striker, I think some just a waste. His breakthrough explosive, development and the long arm projection capabilities are not being fully utilized. Now he needs to overcome is too thin and weak physical condition, which is to limit his access to key bottlenecks in the next LEVEL.

Main Honours:


April 2, 2009 in King and Warriors game Grand 22 Kevin Martin 11-5-11 three-pointers, free throws and 23-26, scored a career-high 50 min. Following is the Kings in the history of the second after Chris Webber got 50 + players.

Career averages of 15.0 points, 3.6 boards, 1.6 assists, 0.90 steals, 0.11 blocks, 1.40 errors, 196 Fouls
Italy up to the tree2010-04-18 12:19:11 +0000 #3
Birthday 1983-2-1 age of 27 years old

born Zanesville, Ohio, graduated from Western Carolina Schools

height of 2.01 meters (6 feet 7 inches) Weight 84 kg (185 lbs)

NBA ball into the NBA 2004 年 5 years old

picks 2004 a 26 overall by the Kings selected

a season-high 48 points sub-career high 50 points

enough detail of the Bar



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