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ps2nba2k10 operational problems

billyshin1382010-04-18 15:11:48 +0000 #1
1. Kobe-style turn around and singles (one first singles and then turn to the left to turn around and go down right after the shooting)

2. spin dribble 3. back dribble
gq3314410632010-04-18 15:15:06 +0000 #2
Article I will, ps2 is handle it the right joystick is not the default setting for the shooting of four direction keys, if not click on the settings, I have not played the ps2 and asked the idiot of the point, huh, huh, you said this action very well do to the ball in low to make a living on the posture, the right analog stick back immediately to the left shake shake. Bryant, turn left on leave so soon back on the right shot. Tried several times to be able to grasp. Article

I do not know what you mean, you say What a turn with a ball? Is called the turn, this action can be set in mp mode, set their own turn movements can be set to turn a lap sideways quickly extraordinary, as I did not how to play normal mode, do not know.

The third is when the ball, stop, click through to play key, a No point two, Kobe Bryant will make a flower arrangement moves the ball between the legs interactive operation, there may be behind, but not necessarily, If you say that when the ball in the back layups from the left hand side to right side, this is not done out of deliberate, some cases will be out this action, I suggest the next Kobe Bryant mp files, by the way, you do not use the pc, that you own to build a mp, practice very such singles.



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