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Garyhe1252010-04-18 15:12:06 +0000 #1
I have the temple, height 175cm, weight 60kg, with strong Spring, the play what position? What skills?

Why am I playing singled (1V1) times more powerful, but more than a team playing three very rubbish? How to remedy? Added: I do not alone (get the ball on their own play), by the common space on the ball.

Thank you! Hope expert answers!
angang40692010-04-18 15:14:22 +0000 #2
landlord and I have the same height as the same question as I have the same confusion when I singled out several actions can think of people more than one station does not know how how how dribble into conflict.

I am careful to talk again. I am a defender. Dribble is my long items shipped me the bottom line from this side to the other bottom line. Is the empty-handed people also fail to recover but I feel singled out is not my ball, but were more than one to suffer, and then I summarized the main problem is the lack of ability to focus on individual awareness of the team. I do not know where the landlord trash, but nothing in regard to the several problems:

a breakthrough Jingchangjiushi breakthrough Beiren risk being broken or even walk (Qi Shi has a very good penetration capabilities) is largely empty crotch regular old Zhao Budao think of a breakthrough by which the body does not rely on the brain where many people where to drill a small gap where to drill that would be the psychological fear of PASS the course of time not conflict on the "
2 pass this not saying much grip there is no sense time you may not know what the major is the best time of course, a bad pass. . 3 post moves you would like to use running to create more opportunities for a run down their own half to death not groan while others do not how better to create opportunities for action is the most. . Why is not why the game is less!

This is the game over the course of time there is a good point dare cast a shadow almost a straight shot and the people are not playing a man alone in the empty space on the back and forth flying - -!

So do not think my landlord to say this, there are games on it is absolutely necessary even in children younger than you realized that you can learn what to look NBA CBA learn how their actions play in groups is also important to brain of why people fight the conditions he may well not if you do think about why it

I really do not want to play so many characters I'm still having to fight while the nose while eating noodles are just no time to wipe your face and I feel a bit like In general, as it is at least I do not know where the problem is you really want to help you want me to say thank you to you little use.

Also add what your position is to ask Yaoda I think you should know what position (or for what position there for their own image), but the game received a lot of frustration for what position themselves have lost right. Oh back more suitable for you. . Training people!
Huangfx0072010-04-18 15:17:36 +0000 #3
play well before a small, fixed the exchange of basic post moves and the teammates, but not necessarily a particularly good vacancies
wyw007002010-04-18 15:40:16 +0000 #4
play PF or SF, PF Yao Da basket will score, grab boards stronger; SF get an outside line, the cast should be accurate, dribble, then nothing good people on nodding; playing game, must be good against their own people, there is a collective consciousness, will cooperate, pay attention to post moves, pull out the space to score, pass access with the very important, "I am not alone (to get the ball on their own play)," I do not understand this sentence, the ball is clearly unwise to play on their own, in their own play based on the still have to pay attention to cooperation; singled Strong may be your personal ability.

All my own words, LZ recognized words on election me! ! ! I do not know can find a
QuincyG2010-04-18 16:10:54 +0000 #5
Your teammate bad? There is a saying the classic: same opponents are not afraid of God, I'm afraid the same insect teammates.



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